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Cryptical Envelopment

  I don’t know what DocuDharma’s purpose is. I mean, I see the site name, and I know the dharma a bit; in fact I might just be a genuine dharma bum. Only time will tell.

 I reached the ripe old age of forty with some bouts of roaming the country behind me, but I’d picked up neither Kerouac nor Theoreau. 2008 was the road – Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, a sliver of West Virginia. Pennsylvania was forest and time to stop and think, then the wonderland of Massachusetts before me. Somewhere in there I snuck into Maryland; it’s all a bit foggy, so I’m glad I diaried the heck out of it. Vermont and New Hampshire garnered some attention, New York was near, Minnesota called on our summer road trip, and I think I met an elderly bear chasing house cat in Virginia, but I’ll have to check my photos to be sure.

 The Last Time I Committed Suicide is playing, and before that is was Dead Man with Johnny Depp. There’s road under there, road in both of them, and the surrealism I need to feel as if I belong here, even if only a little.

 I caught a little of the road today – U.S. 45 southbound, right up against the Illinois/Indiana border. Vehicles zooming by; SUV? Check. New? Check. Christian fish? Check and mate – that sort never stops, not even if you’re clean cut. Thirteen miles I had to go and I walked five of it before a fellow in a new little pickup stopped, a school bus driver. I guess it was just a habit for him.

I see the ease of the 1950s in this movie and it’s there in Kerouac’s writing – one could just get a job, and lose it, and move on to the next with no real concerns, unless the search for employment were symbolic in some sense. The easy sexuality? I guess the fifties were the seeds of the sixties. There’s none of that to be found when you’ve broken loose from polite society as I did. Even so 2008 was a magical time – in the depths of it all I met someone wonderful, but with the same neurological flaw I have.

The winds blew and when they stopped I glided to a halt a few hundred yards short of a thousand miles from her doorstep. We talked tonight, she and I. Time and distance give perspective; we all have our pluses and minuses.

The happy go go GO world of Cassady and Kerouac? They’re our heritage, just as Thoreau before them and I suspect Chris McCandless will, having been given voice by Jon Krakauer, be joining them. The yawning chasm of economic collapse can’t help but open beneath a third of our housing inventory, spilling people and possessions about. Let the unemployment benefits hold until spring; it wouldn’t do to go through that with winter coming on. I might wish for Dharma Bums, but I fear Grapes of Wrath was the Reader’s Digest version of what we’ll get.


Who was Grayson really Apologizing to?

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Rep Alan Grayson’s Apology


Well, I would like to Apologize —

I would like to Apologize to the Dead.

44789 Americans die every year because they HAVE NO Health Insurance,

according to this Harvard Study.  http://grayson.house.gov

That is more than 10 x the number of Americans who’ve died in the War in Iraq

It’s more than 10 x the number of Americans who died in 9/11

but that was just once.


Take a look at this — read it and weep.

and I mean that Read it and WEEP!

Let’s remember we should ‘care about people’ — EVEN after they’re born.

Conservatives work to rewrite Bible

You knew it was coming when the response to the GOP became, “What would Jesus do?

It’s well known that Jesus was a liberal socialist, wanting to help and feed the poor, taking away from the “tax collectors” of the church, and sympathizing with a prostitute.

Well, the Conservative Bible Project believes that the Bible is too “liberal”.

Liberal bias has become the single biggest distortion in modern Bible translations. There are three sources of errors in conveying biblical meaning:

   * lack of precision in the original language, such as terms underdeveloped to convey new concepts of Christianity

   * lack of precision in modern language

   * translation bias in converting the original language to the modern one.

Of these three sources of errors, the last introduces the largest error, and the biggest component of that error is liberal bias. Large reductions in this error can be attained simply by retranslating the KJV into modern English.[1]

Here we go… through the fog…

Grayson on Radio, THIS Morning (Updated)

UPDATE: 8AM Pacific time, TODAY: link to listen online

Rep. Grayson will be interviewed on Monterey’s progressive talk radio station KRXA 540. Tune in to hear an interview unlike those you’ll get from the mainstream media. Look for more pointed questions and insights from former D.C. insider Hal Ginsberg. Also on, Dr. Paul Hochfeld – from MAD AS HELL DOCTORS.

h/t to DK diary JerichoJ8.

Grayson seems to be making the rounds of progressive radio. He sure knows his audience!

Overnight Caption Contest

IOC Says BOHICA* to Obama

The BRIC’s Don’t Want No Pricks

The International Olympic Committee in a stunning display on the increasing prominence of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) delivered a massive smackdown of the now obvious (to all but Murkans) illusionary American economic might of the Ponzi Wall Street machine when Chicago was eliminated from hosting the Olympics. This despite the Pope of Hope’s pilgrimage to Copenhagen, one of those damned Eurpoeen (sic) Socialist countries to pander for the awarding of the 2016 games to the Windy City where the inconvenience would totally fuck thousands of people trying to get to work for weeks like in Atlanta in 94….not that it matters, by then at the rate we are going thanks to the three headed monster of Geithner-Summers-Bernanke nobody will have fucking jobs anyway as the monthly unemployment figures (cooked as they are) only go up and Americans are on the road to serfdom and poverty.

New Rule: Only 1 Clusterf#$k per idiot. Re: Greenspan

     It seems that Mr. Greenspan has reared his head again to give us more of his unsound economic advice. You’d think one ginormous worldwide financial disaster would be enough for this guy, but Alan Greespan, like an animal trainer after a wild mauling, insists on trying to help even after the white tiger has clawed your face off.

    So I am going to take a page out of Bill Maher’s book and put down a New Rule.

    There will only be 1 Clusterfuck alloted per idiot expert from now on. After that, should you attempt to give us more advice, we get to move you into a box underneath the Queensboro Bridge, and then launch that box into deep space.

    Take the New York Times for instance. Now that we might go to war with a country with four letters in it’s name that starts with I they have “advice” to give us. Good thing for me, between the New York Times’s advice on I country wars and Greenspans expertise, I can wipe my ass with the place I live now.

    America, land of the Double Whopper with WTF sauce. Pass the scotch.

    More ranting below the fold

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