Words on Healthcare Reform Effort: Machinery vs Humanity Somehow Made Me Think of Slavery

The Health Care reform issue, which is more about Health insurance reform, because no one really seems too upset with the quality of healthcare, because it is offered and a structure and hospitals and doctors and nurses are in place.  We may need more of each but the structure and service are in place.

Most peoples’ argument is insurance coverage and costs to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.  I can say at least pharmaceutical companies have a product, but the health insurance industry?  What the fuck is their product?  They are the middle men and gatekeepers that do in fact come between the doctor and patient.  This industry of organized men and theories, buys buildings and equipment and hire people, all to make the top of its pyramid rich.  Their product is organizing physiological data on the human body, determining what care is necessary to fix any disturbances in the physiology, based on statistical data of similar cases of previous symptoms and cures to a bodily malfunction witnessed in the medical history of other human beings  .  They often discard the learned, trained doctor’s recommendations if need be, to make what they think is right and proper for a body ‘fix’, the norm, and at minimal cost.  This whole business model makes me think of a Steven Covey quote, “You can be efficient with things, but you have to be effective with people.”  To these Insurance honchos, people have become things.

Anyway, when I started writing this, I was going to say how this whole public insurance reform is playing out for our eyes to see, makes me think of slavery.  Slaveholders, were upset and in an uproar, at the very idea that this form of very cheap labor would be taken away from them.  Who would do the work, at minimal cost?  They were entrenched in this slavery idea.  They would fight a civil war if you took this away from them, and they did.  

Slaves who rebelled would be whipped publicly for all the other slaves and free people to see, so they would be afraid to mess with the status quo themselves.  These public beatings were to show that this is what happens when you mess with the power structure.  Some of the overseers of these public beatings, whether they agreed in heart or not, oversaw them anyway.  Often the overseers had other slaves perform the beatings, though their hearts may have cried out against it.  But, at the end of the day, it was their job, for which they got paid, or were forced to do for fear of the same happening to them, and why should they have to suffer, when the sufferer was already chosen?  They would just do their job, because that is just how it is in the world they live in.

Most Republicans just do their jobs.   Most politicians, for that matter.  Whether they have hearts or not that tell them they should do otherwise, they instead do their jobs, for fear of the power structure.  Why should their livelihood and lifestyle be taken away from them when the sufferer has already been chosen?  The Power does not want the health insurance industry messed with.  What would replace this easy money?  Bodies are machines dammit, and if they can’t afford to be serviced as the industry has decided they should be, then, so be it.  More are being born every day, it won’t hurt our bottom line one bit.  Who is a doctor to use his knowledge, to decide against what the power mandates?  This has nothing to do with humanity.  A body is machinery.

So, now health insurance reform is on display for all to see and learn what will happen if you try to fight against the power structure.  Health reform is the bad guy.  The slave who needs to be punished publicly, with all the accoutrements of my thoughts on slavery in the 2nd to the last paragraph above.

Disclaimer:  I am assuming that people have hearts.  If I have made this assumption incorrectly, the reader may not understand what I am talking about.