Rep. Perlmutter (D-CO7): GREEN Act Like Pay Raise for Working Class Americans

    The Wonk Room (@ spoke with Perlmutter today, who explained the economic benefit that he hopes the GREEN Act will have for American households, and particularly those with low- to moderate-incomes:

It helps low- and moderate-incomes. It helps all income levels, because utility costs have been going up for, you know, the last umpteen years. And particularly for low- to moderate-income earners, that’s a big part of their discretionary income, what they have left over at the end of the month, after paycheck and groceries and everything else. So if we can help them control or even shrink utility costs, it’s like a pay raise to those people…We’re hoping to shrink energy costs by 30 percent.

    More below the fold on some good news

     I’ve been just chomping at the bit in anticipation of some Infrastructure spending and legislation that will create jobs, so to me, this news is very appreciated. Not only will The GREEN Act create a more clean environment, it will also decrese foreign energy dependance in America AND it will return income to a large majority of Americans who would be spending that income on home energy, among other things. I think people who are inclines to be fiscally responsible would agreed, a penny saved is a penny earned.

     Among items in the bill there will be incentives for home owners to put up solar power panelling and geo thermal energy generating units that can be leased by the installers to families who otherwise would not be able to afford such equipment. That seems to be just one part of legislation that could immediately benefit our nation.

    The GREEN Act is more or less an incentive to improve homes and to build new, energy efficient homes. Even though the real estate market is still flooded with under-water realty, a bill like the GREEN Act can help grow the economy by giving people to re-invest in their homes and at the same time reduce future energy costs by moving American households away from expensive fossil fuel energy. All in all it is a win/win situation.

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