G20 Protests = Tear Gas, Sound guns, Rubber Bullets. Teaparties = Promotion. Class War

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2008 Should live on in infamy as the year the class war became OBVIOUS.

No permit was obtained for the grassroots protests of the G20 in Pittsburgh. You have to ask your government permission to protest it. This is what Democracy looks like?


America, Class War; Battle of Pittsburgh.

~ September 2009

Fascism is coming? IT’S ALREADY HERE!

Tear Gas in Pittsburgh at G20

While discussing Europe’s genocide of the native Americans, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was interrupted to cover the protests at Pittsburgh G20 World Economic Summit. You can watch people getting tear gassed in the video. You can hear the Soung guns used ont the crowd. Those are the same as the ones being used in Honduras right now. At least 15 people have been arrested so far. So far, no tea bags have been recovered by authorities.

KDKA Pittsburgh Channel 2 News, a CBS owned and operated station, had only sparse covering of the protests, but they did have pictures of a few anarchists with pro Anarchy signs so they could convienantly blame the need for the military/police state style response by local authorities. There have been no Obama is a Nazi signs or reports of the events by Fox News or news Corporation publications as of yet.

    Many anti-free market and anti-globalization protesters attended, as well as others from across the country. Corporate sponsoring or media endorsement was not involved. Judging by the youtubes the Alex Jones New World Order crowd was watching the protests, as were many Ron paul supporters.

    But no one was there to protest reforms. they were there to protest Capitalism.

    And when property is damaged while protesting Capitalism, the riot police MUST respond with tear gas. It just goes without saying.  

    The reporters say in the video above that hundreds, not thousands showed up to protest. Police in Riot Gear opposed the crowds who were protesting. Anarchists, not unlike anti Government 9/12 movement or tea party protestors, were blamed for damage of property and the police were forced to intervene, and intervene they did.

    Riot police were used though no guns were seen among the protestors, not unlike President Obama’s helath care town hall in New Hampshire or Arizona.

    Crowds in Pittsburgh were dispersed with Sound Guns placed on top of Pittsburgh Police Cars/Tanks. If the Government opposed the Corporate Sponsored Tea Parties, I am sure we would have seen these in Washinton D.C. two weeks ago, right?

    1000 jail cells were prepared for protestors. Capitalism was NOT mentioned in the report of the protest, though the reporters did point out that dissent of the establishment was a reason for these protests.

HuffingtonPost.com Video of Protestor Being Placed In Unmarked Police car

WARNING: Lower Volume BEFORE Playing!

    As you can see, most protestors were not wild anarchists or tin foil wearing loons. They were protesting a system that outsources their jobs, gives power to multinational corporations and ruins their nations.

     There were NO GUNS reported among the protestors.

     And yet the riot squad was called in anyway

     And yet Rachel Maddow tonight in her coverage of the event mentioned the report of RUBBER BULLETS being used against the protestors.

     America, Class War; G20: Battle of Pittsburgh.

~ September 2009

Rights? You don’t even have the right to remain silent.

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  1. because We The People are getting our asses kicked out there!

    America, Class War; Battle of Pittsburgh.

    ~ September 2009

    • Miep on September 26, 2009 at 7:13 am

    here: http://news.asiaone.com/News/A

    Acc to this, the police said it was pepper spray, and they were shooting bean bag rounds.

    You are of course entirely correct that it is utterly bizarre and wrong to demand people have permits to protest on public property.

  2. I guess they figure we’ll just put up with it.

    As if we would never dare fight back or even dream of defending ourselves if they were to just declare that all of our assemblies were unlawful” just because the government says so.

    That’s true I suppose, we must prove that we are above their own tactics used in dealing with the people who had their tax money taken while the government opened the Treasury vaults and let them take what they wanted.

    Peace will be the weapon we will fight back with.  

    It’s been working well for us this far, right?

  3. Remember when we used to trust OUR police this much – and vice versa? When the police actually had an AWARENESS of who they were working to protect?

    Remember that? Way back when?

    • jamess on September 26, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    Police Crackdown on G20 Protests: Democracy Now! Reports from the Streets

    Video Report

    I like that chant:

    “This what Democracy Looks Like!”

    “This what Democracy Looks Like!”

    Observation: These G-20 Demonstrations are never going to get justice in the Main Stream

    as long as the Anarchists and the Vandals

    continue to taint the events.


    Civil Disobedience is supposed to be non-violent.

    Breaking Dozens of Windows is like throwing a lit Match,

    into the Munitions Factory —

    fireworks are bound to follow.

    Thugs afterall, are trained in Thuggery.

    and they are just waiting

    for someone to “make their day”.

  4. but there’s nothing wrong with applying for a permit for a protest.

    I’m also getting tired of people throwing the word Fascist around like it’s just another epithet.  Although our government has been showing some alarming symptoms of late, the United States is nowhere near a Fascist state.  If it were, none of us would be posting here.

    Calling something Fascist which clearly is not is to demean and insult those who suffered and died under regimes which clearly were.

    MinistryOfTruth, I admire your writing here and at the orange place and I really don’t like to step on anyone’s toes.  Protesting the G20 is valuable work, but calling the United States a Fascist regime is going too far.

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