Bush/GOP already lost it when Iraq > Afghan War, No more Unvice from Idiots who are always WRONG

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Obama CAN NOT lose something that is already lost.

   Short diary, but worth discussing.


    Meme: Obama might lose Afghanistan without surge

    NEW RULE: Idiots who were wrong about Iraq DON’T GET to give any more unvise about what the military should do.

    Bush and Republicans LOST AFGHANISTAN the Minute they moved the debate to Iraq, like idiots.

Unvice = crappy advise from people who are always WRONG


Republicans, Joe Lieberman and the MIC want more war, and they want it bad. No strategy, no exit plan, just give us more troops and money or the Country is DOOMED, I say, DOOMED. And then the terrorists will win, they’ll get WMD’s, the Taliban will get stronger and al Qaeda will attack us again.

     Blah, Blah, Blah, I’ve heard this bullshit before.

To which my answer to the Unxperts are: Didn’t you say that about Iraq?

     More Sunday ranting below the fold

     So here is the NEW RULE that we should impose when the same morans who told us the Iraqi’s DEFINITLY HAD WMD’s, was the bigger threat, etc, etc, etc.

    The argument can easily be made that we had Osama Bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora back in 2001/2002, and then suddenly Iraq was the bigger threat, not al Qaeda in Afghanistan and The Taliban, not Iran who we have known for years wanted a Nuclear Weapon more than anything else, it is Saddam, we were told, he is the key.

    Than the unxperts gave us the unvise that the Taliban was ALREADY DEFEATED YAY!, so let’s get Saddam, we’ll be in and out, they’ll throw flowers at our soldier’s feet, SWEAR TO GOD!

    And they were DEAD WRONG, because they are IDIOTS.

    IF we send more troops to Afghanistand it should be so we can catch Osama bin Laden and take out the Taliban, NOT NATION BUILD. Even then, we are just cleaning up ANOTHER BUSH/GOP DISASTER left behind by the party of Zero Responsibility.

    But the mission was alreaddy abandoned by the GOP and the Bush/Cheney Administration 7 or 8 years ago, so let’s not kid ourselves or allow Obama to be blamed for it. Bush and the GOP bought it and broke it, now we have to clean it up, JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE.

    And in regrads to the unvise being offered by the unxperts who were wrong on Iraq, wrong on WMD’s and basically wrong on everything for the last decade, the message we need to send from now on is NO MORE ADVICE FROM IDIOTS WHO ARE ALWAYS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING.

    Take your idiot advice, Republicans, and shove it up your ass.

Because we can’t argue WHERE ARE THE WMD’s with people who are yelling YOU LIE! WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

Arguing with Idiots is just a waste of time. Push em adise and do the SMART thing. Don’t take their unvise anymore.

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  1. don’t take their unvise, Conservative unxperts don’t know shit

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