American Media I Challenge You All to Help Lead America Out of Darkness.

Of course you can write, and soundbite and skew anything into becoming news.

Of course you can choose to or not verify facts. (especially in an effort to beat your competitor to the punch)

Of course you can have a view contrary to my own.

Of course you can help destroy cohesiveness in this country with unbalanced coverage.

Of course, Of course , of course……..But

Why can’t you be more responsible and reassuring to a broken nation?  why do you want to contribute to breaking us down even more?  Why can’t you act like in one of those past historical periods of America and write from an angle of truth, and hegemony?  Who is leading you away from your country?

You want to sell news.  It is your product.  You want to make money selling news. But I have to tell you, what you’re doing is selling your country.  Selling a view of your country to the world at large, that is destroying America.  Selling your country to the inhabitants within, trying to send it into a civil war. Who is leading you away from your country?

When you destroy this country with your words and power, what will you do next?  How will you leave your host nation, so that you are allowed to survive?

I challenge you media.  Rise to the occasion.  Be respectful of your jobs, the citizenry of this nation, and be more sensitive to the terrible plight this nation faces.  Be a help, not a hindrance.  We are not living in business as usual times.  You don’t seem to be aware. You’ve got the biggest and loudest voice in the land, yet you don’t seem to be aware.

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    • Inky99 on September 6, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Their job is to do what they are told, and be PR masters for the corporatocracy.

    They’re not going to rise to the occasion.   They have no honor, and they don’t want to be respectful of anything except their corporate bosses.

    The best thing to do is to ignore them, otherwise you’ll drive yourself nuts.

    If this country had any self respect or any intelligence they would march on these fuckers and shut them down.  They would surround their buildings and not let anybody in or out until they completely closed down.

    They are the biggest problem in America today.    


    I can’t say that enough, loud enough, long enough.

    • dkmich on September 7, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    and we can thank the media for this.

    Part of the problem has been that, in thrall to a particularly toxic dose of laissez-faire fundamentalism,  many top editors and commentators have been persuaded that  any nation that protects its markets hurts only itself. Thus the message for Washington policymakers has been that irrespective of whether nations like Japan and Korea reciprocate with market opening measures of their own, the American national interest is best served by maximizing the

    openness of the American market.

    In far too many cases commentators who take this view have also embraced an end-justifies-the-means strategy in which they have consciously suppressed or distorted important facts the better to ensure public acquiescence in their extreme agenda. This mentality has been particularly evident in the Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages. Indeed it seems to have been pioneered by the late Robert

    Bartley, who as the Journal’s editorial page editor in the 1970s and later as editor in chief never saw  a piece of foreign car lobby propaganda he did not want to publish.

    Bartley seems to have been an ideologue pure and simple.  But something beyond ideology has also been at work, something more reliably effective: money. Even more than the rest of the foreign trade lobby, foreign car makers have succeeded in buying the press they want.

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