All Politics Is Local

South Carolina GOP candidates for Governor had their first debate.  On the Democratic side, you have Dwight Drake, Robert Ford, and Mullins McLeod.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R) is in a battle for re-election with Rob Miller (D) for South Carolina’s District Two.

Rep. Henry Brown (R) is going to have a primary challenger from Carroll Campbell III, the son of former SC Governor Carroll Campbell.

This little snapshot of South Carolina politics shows that all politics are local.

In the Governor’s race, as noted, the Republican candidates held their first debate.  Notable items from that debate:

– All the candidates called for lower taxes, a smaller federal government and keeping the Confederate flag flying on State House grounds.

– Much of the debate was focused on getting S.C. back to work.

Lower taxes only help the rich and force the state into budget shortfalls.  A smaller federal government sounds good, but, in practice, only puts Americans at risk as we’ve witnessed with the FDA, EPA, and FEMA, all who over the past eight years have let the citizens down.