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Four at Four

  1. The Guardian reports that acording to Europe, the United States is planning to weaken a Copenhagen climate deal. “Key differences have emerged between the US and Europe over the structure of a new worldwide treaty on global warming. Sources on the European side say the US approach could undermine the new treaty and weaken the world’s ability to cut carbon emissions.”

    The dispute between the US and Europe is over the way national carbon reduction targets would be counted. Europe has been pushing to retain structures and systems set up under the Kyoto protocol, the existing global treaty on climate change. US negotiators have told European counterparts that the Obama administration intends to sweep away almost all of the Kyoto architecture and replace it with a system of its own design…

    It could take several years to negotiate a replacement framework, … a delay that could strike a terminal blow at efforts to prevent dangerous climate change…

    Europe is unlikely to stand up to the US…

    The US is pushing instead for each country to set its own rules and to decide unilaterally how to meet its target… Legal experts say the phrase is designed to protect the US from being forced to implement international action it does not agree with.

Four at Four continues with Afghanistan, Somalia, a tortured al-Zaidi free from Iraqi prison, and Bush’s PDB overcompensation for past inadequacies.

Warning: Health Care “Reform” hazardous to your Health

I received this message today about the state of Health Care Reform efforts in Congress. It is important to understand what is about to go down, and why our voices need to be louder and angrier right now than any “teabagger”.  Let Harry Reid and Rahm Emanual feel our wrath!

I’ll let Dennis Kucinich take over from here:

Dear Friends,

It is said one should not ask how sausage or laws are made. Are you concerned about a public option? Let me share with you some insight about health care legislation which may not be good for your health.

The Kucinich Prediction: Here’s what’s going to happen …

  • House will make a big deal about keeping/putting a public option in HR3200 because it competes with insurance companies and will keep insurance rates low.
  • The White House will refer to the President’s speech last week where he spoke favorably of the public option.
  • The Senate will kill the competitive public option in favor of non-competitive “co-ops”. Senate leaders like Kent Conrad have said the votes to pass a public option were never there in the Senate.
  • The bill will come to a House-Senate Conference Committee without the public option.  

    House Democrats will be told to support the conference report on the legislation to “support the President”.

  • The bill will pass, not with a “public option” but with a private mandate requiring 30 million uninsured to buy private health insurance   (if one doesn’t already have it). If you are broke, you may get a subsidy. If you are not broke, you will get a fine if you do not purchase insurance.
  • This legislative sausage will be celebrated as a “new breakthrough” and will be packaged as health insurance reform.

    However, the bill may require a Surgeon General’s warning label: Your Money or Your Life!

McCain-Lieberman-Graham urge Obama for more war in Afghan


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In the Wall Street Journal on September 13, the two Repubs and one former Democrat wholeheartedly endorsed sending more of our troops to eat $#!t sandwiches in Afghanistan.

We are confident that not only is it winnable, but that we have no choice. We must prevail in Afghanistan.


However, we need more than the right team and the right strategy. This team must also have the resources it needs to succeed-including a significant increase in U.S. forces.

“I’d do it again” says Bush’s Shoe Thrower

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    The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush said Tuesday that he would do it all again.


     “I wouldn’t hesitate to do what I’ve done, even if it means [somebody] killing me,” he said.


    At a news conference Tuesday, he said that he was abused immediately after his arrest and the following day. He said he was beaten with iron bars, whipped with cords and was shocked in the backyard of the building in the Green Zone where the news conference was held.


    An unrepentant al-Zeidi explained that his actions were motivated by the U.S. occupation: “I want to ask the American people if an Iraqi occupies America and kills one million Americans, displaced 5 million people and demolished and destroyed America, then what would be the reaction of the American people?”

Since We ARE Going To Have To Use Reconciliation…

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It is now ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to use it on a GOOD Bill.

A Bill that works.

A Bill that SOLVES the health Care Crisis.

And since President Obama has now said that he owns whatever Bill does pass, it is incumbent on him to make sure it is a Bill that he …and Teddy….can be proud of. And that works.

When the Dems use reconciliation we can expect howls of outrage and wounded ego from the Republicans and Corporate Media.

The Democrats in general will be vilified and demonized for using reconciliation. The 51 Democrats who vote for it will be vilified and demonized. And President Obama WILL be vilified and demonized, called a Socialist even more, be accused of “government takeover” even more and…unfortunately…teabagged by very rude people even more.

You can bet the Republicans will do pull out every dirty trick, even threaten to shutdown the government in protest.


This is now President Obama’s plan, President Obama’s Bill…he, as he has said….Owns It.

And so….it has to work.

Peeling away the “Obama phenomenon”: An interview with Paul Street

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How progressive is Barack Obama?  It’s a question pundits, bloggers, and journalists have trouble grappling with.  But one individual goes beyond the Obama phenomenon and investigates who Obama is and what he’s all about.  In Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics,  author Paul Street cuts to the chase and takes a closer look at the man who became the 44th president of the United States. What Street uncovers is a man crafted by campaign consultants with political beliefs consistent with elite party interests.  

Street is an independent journalist, policy adviser, and historian.  He is a former vice-president for research and planning at the Chicago Urban League, and author of Racial Oppression in the Global Metropolis: a Living Black Chicago History and Segregated Schools: Educational Apartheid in the Post-Civil Rights Era.

I caught up with Street to discuss his new book by Paradigm Publishers.  

A Confeduhracy of Dunces. Symbol of slavery & Joe Wilson worth defending to Rep. King (Clown-IA)

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    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is proud of Confederate heritage, but confused about geography and American history.

    Meet the Republican plan for the 2010 elections

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has been circulating a letter to his House Republican colleagues, asking them to sign onto a petition in defense of Rep. Joe “You Lie!” Wilson (R-SC).

     Save Joe Wilson and his right to lie and call others liars, in the name of the Confeduhracy!

More from

    [Wilson] is an officer and a gentleman and everyone who knows him knows that. … Being a son of the South puts you in a different position when it comes to the Confederate flag. It means something entirely different to the people who have ancestors who fought in the Civil War on the south side of the Mason-Dixon line.

    I have ancestors who fought for the Union, Mr. King, and they kicked your ancestors ass. Huh? How do ya like that!

    Now, even if Rep. King’s ancestors fought for the Confederacy to defend secession and slavery over almost 150 years ago, I don’t think that is what the people of Iowa circa 2009 really want from their Congressmen today, but then again, judging by the teabaggers and their antics this weekend, maybe I am wrong.

     More of teh stupid below the fold

DAV Virtual March on Washington

The March Has Begun

Welcome to the Virtual March on Washington for Veterans

“Million Claims March.”

Docudharma Times Tuesday September 15

Tuesday’s Headlines:

Healthcare reform wins over doctors lobby

Wall Street’s New Gilded Age

Stalin grandson in court fight to clear dictator’s name

UN war crimes tribunal fines ex-spokeswoman for contempt of court

Lord’s Resistance Army terrorises Congo after Ugandan crackdown

Top militant Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan ‘killed’ in helicopter raid on Somali village

I spent 34 years on Japan’s Death Row

China allays US trade war fears

Shoe-thrower Muntazer al-Zaidi was tortured while in jail, brother says

Mitchell to Netanyahu: Let’s wrap up deal on West Bank settlements

Mexican city warily awaits Independence Day celebrations

Lots of Fear Remains Over Economy, Job Losses

By Jon Cohen and Jennifer Agiesta

Washington Post Staff Writers

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Despite fresh signs that the worst may be over for the beleaguered U.S. economy, there has been no letup in public fears about possible financial hardship ahead and there is broad concern that not enough is being done to avert another meltdown, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Painful personal experiences over the past year continue to dampen the outlook of many Americans. About two-thirds of those polled say they have been hurt financially by the recession, with extensive reports that job losses and pay reductions are hitting home. Most call the economic situation a source of stress in their lives, and that anxiety also stems from apprehension of what may lie ahead for their families.

Codes, symbols and conspiracies: you’ve read it all before, but who cares?

Dan Brown’s follow-up to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ went on sale at midnight. Janet Maslin delivers her instant verdict

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

As a man whose ideas have had their share of physical effects, Dan Brown is well aware of how widely read and closely scrutinised The Lost Symbol will be. He even lets a character joke about this book’s guaranteed popularity. Dr Katherine Solomon specialises in noetic science, with its focus on mind-body connections. She admits that her field is not widely known. But when her story comes out, she suggests, noetics could get the kind of public relations bump that Mr Brown gave to the Holy Grail.

Dr Solomon accompanies Robert Langdon, the rare symbologist who warrants the word dashing as both noun and verb, through much of this novel, his third rip-snorting adventure. As Browniacs have long predicted, the chase involves the secrets of Freemasonry and is set in Washington, where some of those secrets are built into the architecture and are thus hidden in plain sight. Browniacs also guessed right in supposing that The Lost Symbol at one point was called “The Solomon Key”. That’s a much better title than the generic one it got.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

A Transition through Poetry XV

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Like sloughing off

old skin

leaving chunks

along a life path

flaying myself alive

stashing a lump here

and a sliver there

One must tear down

before one rebuilds

sometimes embracing

portions of the past

bits left behind

sometimes not

always hoping

that joy might arise

from burying pain

and trying to forget

where it was left

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–January 24, 2006

Have we reached that point? Yes.

In my last essay, I asked:

Have we reached it? — the point where everything starts becoming “preventative” for our government?

The answer is now; yes.

San Diego Sheriff deployed military crowd control device at Congressional town halls

The increasing frustration with politicians and overflow crowds attending August town halls led San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore to place military-type crowd control devices at two area town hall meetings.

Rep. Susan Davis-D Calif. and Rep. Darrell Issa-R Calif. held town halls that exceeded capacity (10,000+ total attendees) and prompted the Sheriff’s Department to have Long-Range Acoustic Devices(LRADs) standing ready.

Both town halls took place without incident; however the use of the military device concerned San Diegians. The LRAD crowd control is primarily used in Iraq to control insurgents and can cause serious and lasting harm to humans.

This trend, civilian law enforcement employing military weapons, is disturbing…

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