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Kucinich Responds To Obama’s Address To Congress

Joe Wilson (R – SC) needs to resign

Rep. Joe Wilson violated the code of ethics of the Congress. He humiliated both himself, the Republican party (which is pretty hard to top these days) and the State of South Carolina – which seems to be a collective state of embarrassment to the GOP.

This comes via a TPM link:

Parliamentary Outreach Program



       * Address themselves solely and directly to the Chair. They may not address other Members, individuals in the gallery, or persons who might be observing through the media.

       * Refer to Members by state, not by name.

       * Avoid characterizing another Member’s personal intent or motives and discussing personalities.

       * Refrain from speaking disrespectfully of the Speaker, other Members, the President or Vice President.

       * Refrain from referring to the official conduct of other Members where such conduct is not under consideration by way of a report of the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct or as a question of the privilege of the House.

       * Refrain from referring to the specific votes of particular Senators.

       * Refrain from using profane or vulgar language.

       * Avoid walking in the well when a Member is speaking.

       * Ensure that all handouts distributed on the floor or adjacent rooms comport with the rules of propriety for spoken words, and that all handouts bear the name of the authorizing Member.

       * Refrain from eating, smoking, or using electronic equipment, including cellular phones or lap top computers, on the floor.

       * Wear appropriate business attire.

   NOTE — Debate which violates the rules of decorum may result in a Member’s words being taken down.


       * Former Members are prohibited from being on the floor (including the Speaker’s Lobby and cloakrooms) if any matter in which they have a personal or pecuniary interest or are employed or retained as a lobbyist is pending before the House. Matters are considered pending once full or subcommittee hearings have been held, or once a bill or resolution has been called up by a full or subcommittee.

       * Committee staff are permitted on the floor only during the consideration of measures reported from their committees. A maximum of five committee staff (for the majority and minority) is permitted.

       * Personal staff are not permitted on the floor of the House except when their Member has an amendment actually pending under the five-minute rule. A Member offering an amendment under the five-minute rule may be accompanied by one personal staff Member.

       * Staff are not permitted to pass out literature or otherwise attempt to influence Members or their votes.

Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R) disrepects the President

During President Obama’s address to Congress concerning health care reform, Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R) from South Carolina’s Second District decided to act like this address was a town hall meeting.  Speaking to the full Congress, President Obama addressed some of the misinformation being distributed about health care reform and when he stated that health care reform would not include undocumented, ie illegals, Rep. Joe Wilson screamed out, “You Lie”. has already shown that undocumented workers, ie illegals, would not be covered:


   Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.


Obama Throws Progressive Democrats Under Bus, They Cheer

I made the mistake of following Buhdy over to DKos for his excellent diary, “Obama: There Is No 11th Dimension” and what a spectacle.

Right now, they are all gushing over Obama’s speech. This was predictable. Charismatic speakers have the ability to make people lose themselves and their rationality. And it was also sort of striking too to see the limits on that gushingness. Clearly, Obama has lost credibility to many.

But what I haven’t seen is an honest assessment of what just happened. Obama, after an almost 2 week buildup, finally made his big speech and, unless I missed something, delivered the same confusing, ambiguous, weaselly, mealy mouthed bullshit message he and his staff have been bungling for months.

So weak and undefined was his position on the public option, that people are trying to figure out what it means as we speak. Trying to figure out the position of the White House has been a fun game for the establishment pundit class for weeks. Like children, they are more easily amused. For me, at this point, it is just sad and pathetic.

Of course, the loyalist sense Obama’s lameness, on some level, so there’s an insane feeding frenzy on this clown who yelled “lie” when Obama said illegals won’t be covered. They would rather break out the torches for this guy’s head than deal with the fact that dear leader just threw them under the bus.

It’s really a bit scary to witness. I only mention all this is because this is how Obama conquered and neutralized the left. All of those people who would be marching in the streets if this were a Bush or McCain night, suddenly become masters of spin for Obama. I mean we’re talking 10,000 Terry McAuliffs here, all just as conniving, disingenuous, and full of shit.

Meanwhile, though I haven’t read it, I heard that Team Obama just sent out an email to all their Organize for America members announcing Obama’s new plan that included the public option. That sounds like a bold announcement. Wonder why such a bold announcment wasn’t part of the speech.

Jane Hamshire summed up what was in Obama’s speech quite concisely:

No commitment to a public plan, just open to one.

Obama is open to triggers.

Obama is open to co-ops.

I can’t wait to find out which presentation is the truth, the one before Congress and the nation tonight, or the one sent out in an email to Obama’s loyal supporters.

I first saw such a maneuver a few months back, over Iraq I think, where the president did a Saturday address and was, as usual, very cautious and useless in his rhetoric. Then, he released this fiery speech that captured some of the fight that got him elected,… on Youtube.

I wish I had written about it then. Tale of Two Obamas was my title. Now, it seems more relevant than ever. Is the White House political machine playing us like we’re idiots. This is what Bushco did. Say anything to rile their base and release it only on Fox, sort of just for that audience. It was a way to keep their base duped without having to pass the smell test to the rest of the press corp.

We Can’t Afford to Wait

We Can’t Afford to Wait

copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert.

Only today Cable News Network aired a report that suggests most of those who want a public option health care plan are African Americans,  Persons in this population are more likely to be uninsured.  Statistics show dark skinned individuals also seem  predisposed to poor health.  News broadcaster Kyra Phillips continues.  Black people, when surveyed, say they think Mister Obama has performed well in office.  In contrast, far fewer white Americans approve of what the Obama Administration has done on the job.  Subtly, Ms Phillips reminds the audience, the current President of the United States is the nation’s first Black Commander-In-Chief.  The implication is obvious.

Yet, the tale is not necessarily as told.  Witness the stories shared in a video, study the faces, and consider the situation of those who say they cannot afford to wait for health care reform,  Mostly white faces fill the screen.  

Overnight Caption Contest

The Magic Words? Update: Axe Says Obama WILL Fight for PO!

In, as far as I could tell, the context of the Public Option, Obama just said….

“I will not back down.”

Did I hear that correctly?

Were those the magic words?

Update: Axelrod just said to Rachel “He will fight to make sure its is in the Bill.”

So….there we go!

Kucinich – A New Movement: Health Care as a Civil Right…

Yeah…it’s to my blog. I c&p’d from the e-mail Dennis sent and tried to post the html to Big Orange and it didn’t like the html.  My guess is DD won’t either, so…

Pony Party: Totally Stolen

Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please DO NOT REC the party.

A bit early tonight, so everyone can watch the president’s speech.

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300 million pitchforks.

“You are evil thieving bastards, you have reaped ungodly profits in your behemoth casino scams, then lost, only to turn around and usurp the wealth of this great nation by the outright rape and pillage of middle class Americans’ whose sweat and toil built it. The biggest ripoff in the history of the world is padding your bonus checks with the Federal Government as your co-conspirators. Every last one of you should be rotting in prison.” – American Middle Class Representative

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