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Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

A Transition through Poetry V

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More Blues


Tears cloud the vision

Silence enshrouds the ears

Touching is denied

Taste and smell are dulled

Pain pierces the heart

Loneliness hammers at the brain

This is how a friendship ends

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–June, 1992

Is waterboarding torture if we do it to our own troops?

I’m watching Chris Matthews, sadly, and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) thinks waterboarding isn’t torture because we used it on our own people during SERE school.

Let me tell you my little knowledge of SERE school.

They take “students”, put them into a MOCK scenario where they are behind enemy lines, teach them to escape and evade, to resist, and, during it, we waterboard the students UNTIL they break.

Is that torture?  YES.  If you torture a person, no matter whose soldiers it is, until they break, it IS torture.

Chris Matthew’s just made a great point; no one during this training MEANS to harm them, much less kill them.  PRISONERS in our custody do not have that.

Wall Street banks welcome health care reform debate

Yes, the big banks on Wall Street support the endless national discussion across the United States over health care reform because the longer such legislation is debated and delayed, the less chance any banking regulation will get through Congress and that’s great as far as Wall Street bankers are concerned.

For Wall Street, the longer it takes to get legislation passed the better. As stock market values and the economy improve, anger at banks is likely to subside.

So while most everyone is distracted, Bloomberg News reports that Wall Street’s “stealth lobby” is working “to protect one of its richest fiefdoms” and keep derivatives from being regulated.

How we know it was at least LIHOP for MinistryOfTruth

MinistryOfTruth wants to be talked down.  I can’t do that.  Instead, I can show how 9/11 was known and allowed to proceed to the end by the Bush Administration.  Bear with me if this gets long.

First, my background. I’m a former Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist (18 years exp. in bomb disposal military and private), been to Iraq twice, and a former law enforcement officer. I pulled four Secret Service Presidential Protection details for Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton.

That the Bush administration knew of a coming attack cannot be debated. They were warned in the August 2001 memo. John Ashcroft stopped flying commercially months prior to 9/11 based on FBI information.

So, for those who DON’T question the “official” story, here are my questions to you:

Torture puts our Troops in Danger

At least according to this Counter-intelligence Afghanistan Vet:

Jay Bagwell, Afghanistan Veteran, Counter-intelligence…

Jay Bagwell:

My name is Jay Bagwell. I became a Counter Intelligence Agent in 2005, and deployed to Afghanistan in 2006.

As a Counter Intelligence Agent it is very clear to me, Torture puts our Troops in Danger.

Torture makes our Troops less Safe.

Torture creates Terrorists.

The Unfolding Capitalist Crisis – a nightmare for workers everywhere

The Unfolding Capitalist Crisis – a nightmare for workers everywhere

By Rob Sewell

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Updated: Great Interview With Cindy Sheehan

The Kennedy Funeral Media bonanza, and the Saturday rain helped to deny any opportunity over the past week for new public attention, energy, and focus put on stopping the continuation of these illegal, barbaric, and self-destructive Wars and Foreign Occupations, that are bankrupting our Country and slaughtering over a million innocent people.  

But Cindy Sheehan did give a great public interview for the online Russian News service.

The questions raised by Cindy should be central to the National Dialog in our Country, as it defines the very character of who we are, and what our future is destined to be.

Please Contribute For The Real Public Option As Part Of The Healthcare Plan!

nyceve and slinkerwink are two prolific bloggers at Dailykos and Firedoglake who had been performing remarkable service to the progressive community for the past few months. Their incisive critique and voluminous work on the healthcare debate and support of the real public option plan have proven to be incredibly useful for the progressive online community. Firedoglake decided that we need them to report on the healthcare debate fulltime and thereby need our financial support.

Please consider donating to financially support the online and outside activities of nyceve and slinkerwink on behalf of us to continue fighting for meaningful Real Public Healthcare Option!

Support for Bloggers for Meaningful Public Healthcare Plan

If you want to support the progressive members of the Congress who are willing to stand up for the meaningful public option, please donate at the ActBlue page:

ActBlue Page for Supporting Progressive Members of Congress for Public Plan

As MoJo Calls It: A Few Good Kids?

The Pentagon in the Classroom

We were saying what was actually going on but those doing it kept denying, as they passed on the talking points to their public mouths and those were carried forward by the flocks, that relished in being led, on any online board, right wing feeding troth site, and in reply’s wherever they could be placed.

No child left behind…. the battle lines?  

Hurricane Jimena is coming

I’m going to try to post updates here about how Jimena effects us down here in Baja California Sur until the power gives out, which it likely will real early .

So far, there’s already a good bit of flooding in the streets, no wind.



She sang beyond the genius of the sea.

The water never formed to mind or voice,

Like a body wholly body, fluttering

Its empty sleeves; and yet its mimic motion

Made constant cry, caused constantly a cry,

That was not ours although we understood,

Inhuman, of the veritable ocean.

–Wallace Stevens, The Idea of Order at Key West

The Organization of Life

Living systems are self-sustaining, dynamic, adaptive, and economical.  The adaptive fit of organisms to the environment has been marked by increasing complexity of structure and function, from single to multi-cellular organisms, from prokaryotic to eukaryotic organization, to the development and differentiation of a variety of meta-structural internal organs and scaffoldings, to arrays of sensory filters and motor effectors, to immense varieties of population dynamics, to the springs, gears, and pendulums of the mind.  How do great (and repeated) proliferations and radiations of organisms reconcile their idiosyncratic, yet dynamic or adaptive ranges with an economy of biological organization?   Does a principle of organization exist that scales from the level of the sub-cellular to entire populations, from milliseconds to years, even across great extinction events?  You bet.

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