Let’s End the Healthcare Debating. It’s Getting Deadly.

Is reforming the healthcare system for the better, really a cause worth dying for? Does it make sense that normal humans show up at townhall meetings to knowingly confront mobs of abnormal people who may have guns and violence in mind if you let them work themselves up into a frenzy?

It would be an absolute shame to have one death occur in relation to passing a healthcare reform bill, that at best offers a government program alternative like medicare or medicaid.  

I am struck by the middle aged mobsters, who in some instances themselves, say they have medicaid or medicare, yet can’t grasp that this bill is only offering all Americans this sort of alternative, at its absolute best, when implemented.  

Why is ‘fighting to the death’ to stop healthcare from being reformed, even something that ‘everyday’ people would be willing to do?  It doesn’t even seem like a way for a normal person to handle this good intentioned effort.  I wouldn’t be caught for safety of my life at one of these events.  I don’t find them productive from what I’ve seen on TV. And furthermore, I understand the need for reform.  I also understand what the president and willing congress members are trying to do.

These people act like they can’t keep the insurance policy, company and coverage they have, if they want to.  Just knowing this, is enough for a normal person not to go off the deep end and want to fight to the death.  Sure it’s going to cost money to implement, but what do they really care?  Will they really feel the cost pinch?  I mean really, will they feel this cost pinch? The people we are seeing on the TV screens?

They are crazed, and get more and more worked up with each passing day.

My solution for the president and congress, is to get this freaking bill, written, passed, and move on from this, because for those of us who support the idea of reform, and have been intelligently comprehending the meat of the bill as it changes everyday, we’re probably not going to be satisfied with it either.  Personally, I don’t think the bill is going to be the best it can be.