Dear DLC, Go Fu¢$ yourselves. Not another ¢ent until we get a Public Option.

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I’ll keep this relatively simple.

    In memory of Senator Kennedy, hear me roar.

    Per DKos diarist slinkerwink’s Reclisted diary from yesterday, the DLC is trying to justify losing the Public Option in healthcare reform via there bullshit third way think tank.

    And frankly, I think that sucks ass.

    Therefore, I have decided to share my thoughts with the DLC and other like-minded organizations, as well as you, my most welcome readers.

Just to clarify:

Once upon a time before I discovered teh blogs I made a few contributions to the DLC..

That is why I wrote this. I haven’t contributed anything in over a year, but I am sending this to them and to everyone I know who does contribute, or who cares about the Public Option

    More below the fold . . .  

    Dear DLC,

    You will not get another ¢ent from me until the Democratic party vocally supports a public option in Health Care reform.

    Make no mistake about it, the Public Option IS the Reform.

    Further, if you for¢e feed me to the Private Insurers who ¢reated this di$a$ter, I will re-register as an independant and no longer vote for any Democrat that does not support, or who works to defeat a public option in health care reform.

    If this Congress seends a bill to President Obama’s desk without a robust public option, I will work to defeat every Democrat who allowed this to happen. That includes:

–     I will no longer help to Get Out The Vote

–     I will no longer volunteer to phone bank for your ¢andidates

–     I will no longer canvass for your ¢andidates

–     No longer contribute to the DLC or any other organization who gives my hard earned campaign donations to Democrats who fight real reform.

–     No longer vote or encourage others to vote for your ¢andidates

     And believe me when I say that there are millions and millions of Americans who will do the same, as I and others will circulate this letter and encourage them to do the same.

     I warn you, if the Democratic party does not pass a Health Care Reform bill with a strong public option despite our parties control of the Presidency, a filibuster proof Senate and a Huge Majority in the House of Representatives and a 78% approval rating among the public for a Public Option, it will be a clear Signal that the $pecial Intere$t$ own this nation, and no matter what the voters do neither party will ever stand up for individual Americans. It will be the beginning of the end of this party, and the party will truly deserve it, because it will have failed to fulfill it’s purpose, which is to act in the best interests of it’s constituents.

    With that being said, I advise you to take heed. Millions of voters, including myself, have elected Democratic officials in order to return accountability to our nation. Failure to do so will be catastrophic, both for the Democratic party, and for the chief culprits of such a betrayal.

    The Democratic Party was given a mandate to govern. Millions of voters, myself included, did not vote for a Blue Dog party or a never ending compromise with those who do not bargain in good faith and hope that we fail.

    If the Democratic party can not pass the best health care reform bill possible, in honor of the Late Senator Ted Kennedy, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    And the best Health Care Reform bill possible MUST include a Robust Public Option.

    For now, I will be making all my contributions only to those Democrats who act as such, and who support a Public Option and real reform and the agenda of our President, Barack Obama.

    I look forward to the day when a Health Care reform bill with a strong Public Option is handed to President Obama, whom I fought for. When that day comes, I will again consider giving my support and hard earned money to the DLC.

    But until then, I wait for the DLC and it’s members to fight for a Public Option and the Democratic platform as hard as I and others have.

    Not another ¢ent for the DLC until then.

Respectfully yours,


    You will forgive me, of course, for not beginning my letter with the aforemention titled of this diary, Dear DLC, Go fu¢$ yourselves, or the equally eye catching Dear Socialist fuksticks.

Now, I have two things to ask of you, dear reader.

1.     E-mail this, or a similar note, to the DLC, the DSCC, the D

2.     E-mail or share this call to action with all the people you can, especially supporters of a Public Option in Health Care reform.

Contact the DLC

Democratic Leadership Council

600 Pennsylvania Ave., SE

Suite 400

Washington, DC 20003

Phone: (202) 546-0007

Fax: (202) 544-5002

Email: [email protected]

Contact the DSCC

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Phone (202) 224-2447

Fax (202) 969-0354

For general information email [email protected]

For media inquiries email [email protected]

For employment opportunities email [email protected]

For internship opportunities email [email protected]

    Contact the DCCC

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Mailing Address:

430 S. Capitol St. SE

Washington, DC 20003

Main Phone Number: (202) 863-1500

Click Here to E-mail the DCCC

    I thank you for your time, and hope you will join me by contributing only to those Democrats who Act Blue, such as the Progressive Caucus who have taken the pledge to defeat a health care reform bill that does not include a public option, or any other candidate whom represents your interests best, but not to the DLC, or other organizations that undermine the Will of the Public in favor of the $pe¢ial Intere$t$.

In Honor of the Late Senator Kennedy,



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  1. to honor his memory, we should double our efforts to carry on his fight, our fight, and the fight for a better nation, and progress.

  2. party left.  Don’t support them, don’t write them, and for the love of god don’t give them any freaking money.  They are pulling hard in the opposite direction from which you want to go.

  3. Not only that, Obama was named to the DLC’s “100 to Watch” list in 2003.  This means that he had been thoroughtly vetted and found completely trustworthy to the controlling corporate elites. Reference: Article at

    Black Agenda Report

  4. but it’s safe to say I was in no danger of ever giving any money to the DLC ever.  Fuck the DLC!

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