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Values: Progressive, Conservative, Moderate.

I understand what are called the ‘extremes.’ I undertsand Progressive values from tryinmg to live them. I understand Conservative values through observation and contrast. I am, however somewhat mystified by that great center….The Moderates, what are Moderate values and how do they apply to our current political situation?

The Paid Pied Pipers of Politics

In my continuing effort to explain to myself and others why American politics is the pathetic state that it is in, I offer this.

No industry, besides the death Industry of the MIC and the Medical/Pharma industry spends more money on research than….the advertising industry.

The money the advertising industry spends on research is all spent for one basic reason. To manipulate you.

To find ways to jiggle your mind and emotions. To subtly or blatantly affect the two major response centers in the human brain, the pleasure center, and the fear center.

Billions and billions of dollars have been spent learning how to do this since the first broadcast advertisement on radio was wildly succesful. It works. There is no question that it works. And there is no question that advertising has played just a huge roll in makinf America into the obscene consumer culture that it has become.

And of course, all of those techniques have been translated into politics in general and of course political advertising specifically.

As we all know, The Republicans use these decades of research to stimulate and manipulate the fear center of the human brain….and we are watching it at work as their fear based campaigns are rapidly sinking public support for Health Care Reform.

They are the pied pipers of politics, leading a dull-minded (from decades of unconsciously absorbing advertising and being dumbed down by the educational programs dictated by Republican dominated government) populace once again down the road of acting against their own self-interest through sowing fear.

This cynical and repulsive practice sucks, but it works. The only question is…how do we counter it?

Do “we” become just as cynical as they are and instead of doing the (quite apparently) dull and fact filled but semi-honorable messaging the Dems now engage in…..start learning how to counter their fear based advertising by researching and deploying equally manipulative levels of advertising and messaging that stimulate the pleasure centers of what used to be a nation of citizens….but have now become, after decades of programming (literally!) a nation of political consumers?

Iow….should we start a War of Advertising Manipulation between the (Democratic) pleasure center and the (Republican) fear center of the human brain?

Or should we just find better ways to communicate and market the truth and the facts and hope that enough people/consumers catch on……and stop buying what the Pied Pipers are selling?

My Health Care Horror Story: My entire family suffers for their profit

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    My father committed suicide over 13 years ago. If he had gotten mental health care maybe it would not have been so.

    My mother had a stroke 2 years ago. When she first felt a shock in her arm she went to a doctor. The doctor told her “Change your lifestyle.” They did not take more tests than the first one. Two weeks later she had a massive stroke. She is diabled and paralyzed on her left upper body to this day.

   My Grandmother (my fathers mother) is 75. Her basic insurance eats up more than a third of her retirement income. Her mortgage eats one half and her medication eats up the rest.

   My step uncle (my fathers half brother) is chronically sick with liver problems and suffers from mental health problems. He is in the hospital right now with gallstones. He suffers from intense paranoia, depression and other mental disorders.

   My sister suffers from anxiety and depression because of my fathers tragic death. She was only 6 when it happened. Now she is 20. I want her to find help, and I need the same help myself. Neither of us can afford it. We need reform NOW, for health care, both physical and mental.

   This fight for Health Care Reform is VERY personal for me. I will not back down, and neither should you.

Docudharma Times Monday August 17

‘Public Option’ in Health Plan May Be Dropped  


Published: August 16, 2009

PHOENIX – The White House, facing increasing skepticism over President Obama’s call for a public insurance plan to compete with the private sector, signaled Sunday that it was willing to compromise and would consider a proposal for a nonprofit health cooperative being developed in the Senate.

The “public option,” a new government insurance program akin to Medicare, has been a central component of Mr. Obama’s agenda for overhauling the health care system, but it has also emerged as a flashpoint for anger and opposition. Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, said the public option was “not the essential element” for reform and raised the idea of the co-op during an interview on CNN.

Ripples of Dispute Surround Tiny Island in East Africa


Published: August 16, 2009

MIGINGO ISLAND, Lake Victoria – This little island doesn’t look like much.

It’s a slab of rock, not even an acre big, packed with rusty metal shacks, heaps of garbage, glassy-eyed fishermen and squads of prostitutes, essentially a microslum bathing in the middle of Africa’s greatest lake.

But baby Migingo is creating a huge fuss. The island happens to lie right along the disputed watery border between Kenya and Uganda, and politicians have even threatened to go to war over it.

The reason?

Fish. Lots of them, but maybe not enough. The island is an angler’s paradise, surrounded by schools of tasty – and exportable – Nile perch.

Docudhrama Times Sunday August 16

Sunday’s Headlines:

Online, your private life is searchable

Following the Trail of the Coiling Skies

Fear stalks Caucasus amid hidden war

Rome battles teenage binge-drinking culture with street ban

Hamas destroys al-Qaida group in violent Gaza battle

Dozens die in Kuwait wedding fire

Women have the power to bring about change, but fear and fraud will undermine their votes

 Stodgy Japanese elite face the chop as young and old unite

Yahya Jammeh’s state witch-hunters kidnap villagers in western Gambia

How Gaddafi came in from the cold

Brazil played role in U.S.-backed overthrow of Chile’s Allende, document shows

 Loose Network of Activists Drives Reform Opposition

By Dan Eggen and Philip Rucker

Washington Post Staff Writers

Sunday, August 16, 2009  

The rowdy protests that threaten President Obama’s health-care reform efforts have been spurred on by a loose network of activists — from veteran advocacy groups with millions of dollars in funding to casual alliances of like-minded conservatives unhappy over issues from taxes to deficits to environmental laws.

Most of the groups helping to organize protests view the proposed health-care overhaul as just one part of a broader assault by government on free markets and individual liberty, their leaders say. Conservatives portray the movement as largely organic, fueled by average citizens alarmed at the direction the country has taken since Obama moved into the White House.

Doctored Data Cast Doubt on Argentina

Economists Dispute Inflation Numbers

By Juan Forero

Washington Post Foreign Service

Sunday, August 16, 2009

BUENOS AIRES — Workers at the government’s National Institute of Statistics call it crass manipulation: Their agency, under pressure from above, altered socioeconomic data to reflect numbers palatable to the presidency. Inflation and poverty miraculously dropped, they said in interviews, and the economy boomed.

At least officially.

“They just erased the real numbers,” said Luciano Belforte, an 18-year veteran at the institute. “Reality did not matter.”

“Mad as Hell Doctors”

Embark on Cross Country Care-A-Van to Demand Single-Payer from Congress

Frustrated with the health care ‘options’ coming out of Washington, D.C., six “Mad as Hell” Oregon physicians are taking an unprecedented road trip across America to lobby Congress for a single-payer health care system.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) August 13, 2009 — Frustrated with the health care ‘options’ coming out of Washington, D.C., six “Mad as Hell” Oregon physicians are taking an unprecedented road trip across America to lobby Congress for a single-payer health care system. A big part of their plan is to take the entire country with them.

Between Heaven and Hell

At the risk of being someone who just seems to sing sad songs here, I will say that I am sad.

Mrs. Translator, aka Teena has done the deed, and I do not blame her.  I have been a horrible husband.  However, the three boys are all pretty great.

Here is a nice video.

Enwistle wrote and sang it.

There is not much better.

Translator is not likely to be back here, or on Kos, except for the one tomorrow evening.  Translator is very tired and very depressed.

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Late Night Karaoke

Open Thread

Random Japan

Gee, um, thanks

The Japanese government presented 79-year-old American actor Clint Eastwood with a medal called the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.

A government council affiliated with the labor ministry has approved raising Japan’s minimum wage in 12 prefectures. The move would bring the national average to about ¥710 per hour.

A recently declassified US government document revealed that the CIA hoped to install conservative politician Taketora Ogata as prime minister in 1955 so as to “place the nation under US control.”

Headline of the Week: “New Photo Book Opens Door on the Beauty and Style of the Homeless” (via The Mainichi Daily News)

An advisory panel urged the government to improve its treatment of Japan’s indigenous peoples, including the establishment of “Ainu Day,” to be celebrated on June 6 each year.

DD Writers Jam Fest: Group poetry jam edition

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    Greetings and salutations!

    In my last entry to the DD Writers Jam Fest series, I discussed various styles of poetry.

    For more info on styles of poetry, click my previous DD Writers Jam Fest diary

   But, having dispensed with formalities, I think it is time for some real inspirational brainstorming.

   And, knowing the brainpower on display daily here at Docudharma, I doubt we will be disappointed.

   So, I open up the floor to any and all who are inspired by the muse, for those who want to share the classics or there own verse or prose, for thse who wish to collaberate, pontificate, meditate or celebrate.

   We come to celebrate the word, spoken and written.

   We come to celebrate one another, and share this gift called life

   We come to celebrate ourselves, and to honor what we hold dear

   And we come to pay our respects, to the muses and the Gods of Bacchus and Hera, and to other Gods long forgotten.

    Go below, and on to the show


Still don’t know what I was waiting for

And my time was running wild

A million dead-end streets and

Every time I thought I’d got it made

It seemed the taste was not so sweet

Ebola Recepients

A massive rant from atop the Apocalyptic horse.