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My landlord has a history of sending people over to do work on the house without calling first, so the first inkling I will have that this is happening is the guy showing up. He does this primarily to be an asshole, but as you read on you will learn that there are also other reasons.

Most of the workers he sends over are hispanic and many either don’t speak English or pretend that they don’t. This represents more than a major inconvenience. My area has suffered from a lot of home invasions (an outgrowth of the CIA happily flooding it with heroin and cocaine traffic). There have been at least two instances of a guy just randomly showing up and climbing up on my deck with a ladder. The first time it happened I spent a nervous fifteen minutes standing in the kitchen with my Ruger ready to blast a tootsie off if it stepped where it didn’t belong.

Another time I came out to go to the store to find one of them blocking the car in the driveway with a lawnmower while he TOOK A NAP on the front lawn.

I am fully aware that during the Bush administration as well as possibly currently, a lot of these “workers” also were not quite who they were pretending to be. I have been very active with CodePink and Veterans for Peace, and I am quite sure this (along with my blogging) has earned me a dossier. I also have several exes who are still linked to the the military/industrial complex whose sanity and morality leave a lot to be desired, and a few of them have stalked me on and off since 1993.

Yesterday I went out to do some errands at around 2pm. I returned at 4:45pm and the door to my house was wide open. It is fortunate that at around 3:30 a family friend showed up and sat on the steps for about an hour because we’d miscommunicated about when and where we were going to meet. Nothing appeared to be missing, but it was pretty scary to both the friend and myself that this was done.

I was told that the worker “went to the house while I wasn’t there, saw something that made him nervous, and left.”

The next door neighbor who is a local police deputy, his wife, and several other right wing cluetards in the neighborhood (a percentage of whom also probably aren’t quite who they say they are) all seemed to find this very interesting and amusing.

The next door neighbor on the other side, who is the press secretary for my local (Democratic) Assemblyman, probably also heard the commotion because last night she very kindly left a house light on so that it would illuminate the front of our property. We have a motion detector light but the additional coverage was appreciated.

The worker was supposed to reschedule for the morning, but part of the whole “control freak” thing the landlord and/or his goons have going on is that I am expected to remain in a form of house arrest all day long waiting for these cluetards to show up. After it got to be 2pm I called the landlord and said he would now be expected Monday. He showed up 15 minutes later as I knew he would. When people play childish head games the best way to handle them is to return the favor, so when dealing with these infants, reverse psychology is my friend.

However, today was going to be even a little more different. I am tired of being harassed by possible wingnut SOA graduates and Hopeless Insecurity goons pretending to be immigrant day laborers. I am generally a shy person, for all that I am loud at the keyboard; when people put me down I tend to withdraw into myself and try to ignore the harasser. I am much better at defending other people than myself, in other words. However as the years have progressed it has not been lost on me that a lot of the same faces seem to be popping up over and over again when this type of harassment occurs.

Recently I was subjected to an especially foul sexist tirade from one of them and it’s really gone across a line here. I am 100% out of the shit taking business, and it’s time these jackasses got the memo.

So when the shithead showed up, I shot him.

With my camera. ;-7

Now I have his face. A security system is going in around my house Real Soon Now(tm). If this guy is anything more than a mere day laborer, and he comes sniffing around here again with doors mysteriously getting left open, he will be hunted down either by myself or… and this is something he REALLY doesn’t want… my husband.

This is going to happen to every single one of these assholes who come sniffing around my house in the future.

Because due to my background in a classified environment I happen to know that IF this creep is something other than what he says he is, the fact that I now have his photo is very, very, very bad for him, and very good for me.

A bit of an aside… several weeks before I joined the US Air Force, an “out” gay friend took me to see “Breaking The Code” while it was still playing on Broadway. This experience no doubt saved my life, as it mentally prepared me for the type of psyops these people are capable of, and it also made me aware that all too frequently the reasons they are done are the very antithesis of anything resembling ethics, morality, or rightness.

So, a bit of a hat tip to Derek Jacoby and in honored memory of Alan Turing, a man who was harassed unto death by people he spent his entire career helping; simply for being the apparently terrifying combination of gay and brilliant.

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  1. This is why.

  2. Hope everything is alright.  

    • Joy B. on July 12, 2009 at 2:37 am

    …to close monitoring, communications taps and such through the years due to past classified activities in a military vein, we’ve only had one landlord who insisted on violating our rights as renters by letting himself in when we weren’t around. For which we sued and won. They cannot come in or send anyone in any time they like, arrangements must be made in advance, and you can insist it be at your convenience so you can be present.

    Looks to me like you could make good use of a lawyer.

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