Score one for the bulls in Pamplona

Well, it doesn’t happen very often, but the bulls added to the Darwin Awards candidates in Pamplona:

Bulls 1 Humans 0

Note: There’s video of the run, and you get to see Cappuccino add his name to the lore of the running of the bulls.

The article says that the bulls are used in bullfights later in the day, which means most of them die the day of their run.  While you never want to see one of the revellers get killed, you have to feel for the bulls.

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  1. Maybe they should have a running of the ponies somewhere.

    • dkmich on July 11, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    Running with bulls is just stupid.  Bull fighting is sadistic and when I cheer my hardest for the bulls.  

  2. It the US, the Bulls wouldn’t stand a chance, which is why they haven’t staged any attacks.  Even the once fearless Wall St. Bulls have gone into hiding, and the Fed has had to get Goldman Sachs to program a bunch of fake bulls into their automated trade system just to keep volume up and mitigate the political need for another invasion of a oil-producing nation.

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