K K Konservatives intimidate Democrat over health care by hanging him in effigy

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    A group called “Patients First,” a project of the lobbyist-funded Americans for Prosperity, has been going around the country and hosting tea parties in opposition to “government-run health care.”


    Yesterday, AFP decided to hold a protest in front of the offices of Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil’s (D-MD1) office. Despite the fact that Rep. Kratovil has yet to take a stance for or against health care reform, the AFP protesters felt it would be appropriate to voice their concerns by hanging him in effigy.

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    And I thought calling the Congressman or writing him was the best way to influence his opinion! I didn’t know this was an option.

    It’s not an option, of course, unless you have lost your mind or you are a hate mongering sociopath.

    Now, if I were Rep. Kratovil, I would vote for health care reform just to spite this proto-lynch mob.

    Unfortunately, I am not he, and I don’t know how Congressman Kratovil will respond to this.

    This is not the first time a Democratic Politician has been threatened with hanging by voices empathetic to the GOP. Recently Sam Joe The Plumber the Propaganda machine suggested that someone should String up Senator Chris Dodd.

    And then of course there are the tea baggers, the Obama is a socialists, the Obama is a fascists, the Obama is a Kenyan, and on, and on, and on.

    This is not Democracy of We The People. This is not the rule of law decided by fair elections. This is how to intimidate citizens through threats of violence. This is the rule of mob.

   I do not know if the goal is to threaten Kravotil into opposing Health Care reform or if these tea baggers are just so mindlessly hateful and violent that this is the only way they can express themselves. I honestly do not know what the fuck these clowns are thinking when they do this kind of shit.

   But I do know what the goal is. The goal is to use threats of violence to achieve their political means.

   And that is the definition of terrorism.

   So when is the line in the sand drawn? When do We The People who voted for NotTheGOP put our foot down and say ENOUGH to these Corporatist psychotic brownshirts?


     Apparently elections only count if their guy wins. If not, it must be ACORN, or some vast liberal conspiracy, or it is taxation w/o representation, or tyranny, or oppression of the white man, or some other rotten nonsense.

    The only thing missing from these would be lynch mobs are the white sheets and hoods, though I am sure they have them stored away somewhere for just the right occassion.

    Faced with a political opposition that is openly racist, homophobic, xenophobic and willing to embrace the tactics of the Jim Crow south and Goerhing’s Germany, why is bi-partisanship even an option? How many ways can the GOP and their rabid, brain damaged supporters say “I hope you fail/die” before the Dems figure it out?

    There is no negotiating with crazy. There is no negotiating with hatred. This is NOT civil discourse, this is brownshirt bullying for Corporate/Political purposes, a small violent minority that wishes to intimidate the majority to it’s will.

    In order to express our support for Representative Kratovil in the face of this intimidation through threats of violence I have posted the contact information for Congressman Kratovil below. Please, call or e-mail Congresssmen Kratovil and offewr him your support against the violent rhetoric and Jim Crow tactics of the AFP and the GOP they represent.


    Congressman Kratovil can be reached by phone at (202) 225-5311

    Mail Congressman Kratovil here to offer your support

314 Cannon HOB

Washington, DC 20515

    Contact Representative Kratovil via E-Mail here

    Make no mistake. These are the same fanatics who do not shed a tear when Dr. Tiller was murdered in cold blood. These are the same psychos who support torture in the name of defending freedom, and these are the same racist thugs who used these same tactics for the last 140+ years in order to intimidate African American voters, or worse.

   At some point, these people WILL hurt someone. I hope that day never comes, but I am not foolish enough to believe that Hope alone will make it so.

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  1. Of course there is no such thing as RW homegrown terrorism. Just don’t tell the RW terrorists on the GOP’s side that, or they threaten to lynch you.

    • sharon on July 29, 2009 at 6:25 am

    MoT, don’t know if you saw the ACLU flyers posted all over NYC before you left. In case you didn’t, I saw some on Sunday.  They advertise summer jobs.  I don’t know what positions, but it says nationwide.  Here’s the number to call:  212 219 1502. The contact names on the flyers are Terry and Shannon.  You never know….

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