Gee, wouldn’t a coup overthrowing Obama be swell

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    Apparently, Rush Limbaugh just could not let Michael Sheuer win the worst person of the week award.

    ” If we had any good luck, Honduras would send some people here and help us get our government back. ”

    Why yes, wouldn’t we be lucky if a coup overthrew the American government, disrupting millions of lives and the important issues facing our nation.

    Gee, wouldn’t that be just swell.

    That way, Conservatives who are so unappealing they can not get elected can get their Government back. What were we the people thinking? Didn’t we know that this is a center-right nation?

    I guess the only thing that can even compete with ” The only thing that can save America is a massive attack by al Qaeda. ” is hoping for a coup.

    And what kind of coup would please Herr Limbaugh? A military coup? A bloodless coup? A violent coup? Would it be okay if we deport the President like they did in Honduras? Or maybe we need something a little more drastic?

   When did ” I hope he fails ” become ” I hope he is overthrown ? ”

   And I wonder who would replace Barack Obama as President?

   I’m sure Rush has an idea.

   So, according to Rush, we Americans would be “lucky” if a coup overthrew our Democratically elected Government, throwing our nation into havoc and harming our recovery from the clusterfuck left behind by, that’s right, the Conservatives.

   Is it fuck patriotism week and nobody told me?

   What a way to celebrate our nation’s independance.


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  1. which means putting your nation over your partisanship.

    Another lesson in “Country first, my ass”

  2. are eating their shorts!

    • jamess on July 4, 2009 at 3:12 am

    call themselves “patriots”!?

    Let them suffer through 8 years of irrelevance —

    Let’s see how “patriotic” they are,

    after their time in the wilderness?

  3. I think that he just does not care what he says anymore.  I wonder if that new contract of his has a “if you are found to be psychotic, sociopathic, or psychopathic you get paid anyway and can retire” clause.  It is sounding more and more like it.  He used to make a LITTLE sense, but now just spews bizarre ideas, sort of like Wiener (Savage).

    Warmest regards,


  4. We could have President-for-Life Limbaugh, ably assisted by Vice-Presidente Cheney.

  5. easily compartmentalizes very contradictory ideas but it’s amazing that they can do it with such opposing viewpoints as patriotism and wishing for a coup.

    I shouldn’t be surprised and I’m not but I am always floored at the lemming qualities of those who actually think that Rush Limbaugh makes sense.

  6. on Goldman Sachs and the Fed who are holding us hostage to the interests of the Banking Elite.


  7. From Merriam-Webster On-Line the definition of sedition:

    incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

    How is this not prosecuted?

    A rhetorical question I suppose, sigh.

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