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Sneak Preview! How to take down Bush/Cheney

    This is a SNEAK PREVIEW for all you Dharma Bums who want action and accountability for 8 years of War Crimes, High Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

    If you want to host a War Crimes Accountability series diary let me know. I will be posting these myself until someone wants me to pass the baton to them. E-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested, or say so in the comments below.

    Let me know if you think this is an effective course of action, or if you have any other thoughts or ideas to share.


    This diary will be published at 10a.m. tomorrow morning on Orange. Please be there to rec it up, as well as to call for Justice!

Dear Dharma Bums, I submit for your consideration and approval a plan to bring the Bush/Cheney Administration to justice.

   If you don’t support warrantless wiretapping, The Patriot Act, torture or any of the other high crimes and War crimes committed by the Criminal Bush Junta, please use the contact information below to demand justice for War Crimes. Contact Speaker Pelosi and the Representatives of the House Rules Committee today and ask them to support H.Res 383.

    H.Res 383 was introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA9) and is designed to act as a Congressional oversight bill that would establish a select committee to review national security laws, policies, and practices. Better yet, this committee would have power of subpoena.

    Below the fold you can find the Contact Information for Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi and the members of the House Rules Committee to which H.Res 383 has been referred, as well as the AG’s Office and White House. Call or write to let them know that you support H.Res 383 and accountability for Bush/Cheney era War Crimes.

Docudharma Times Monday July 13

Hearings Not Just About Sotomayor

Judicial Confirmation Process Could Be a Partisan Platform and a Barometer

By Michael D. Shear

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, July 13, 2009

When Sonia Sotomayor takes her seat today in front of the 19 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, she will finally add her own voice to those that have been arguing publicly for confirmation of the first Latina Supreme Court justice.

How she answers the questions of Republican panel members — both the substance of her comments and how she handles herself in the spotlight — will help determine whether charges from her critics persist about her ability to apply the law fairly, without a bias toward any group.

Philippine bombings: No one is a suspect and everyone is to blame

A series of blasts on Mindanao has left 12 dead and 100 injured. No one has taken responsibility, but most every group on the troubled archipelago is being blamed. Some even suspect President Arroyo.

By John M. Glionna

July 13, 2009

Reporting from Manila — The first bombs exploded outside two Catholic cathedrals on the restive southern Philippine island of Mindanao. They were followed by a series of blasts two days later that raised the toll to 12 dead and 100 injured.

The wave of violence last week in this religiously divided and politically troubled archipelago has made residents skittish even in Manila, the capital some 500 miles to the north, where a bomb damaged a government office in June and several others were found.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has beefed up an anti-terrorist command center and troops have been placed on high alert. Bomb-sniffing dogs patrol the airport and weapons checkpoints have sprung up throughout the metropolitan area of 12 million residents.

So far, no group has taken responsibility for the attacks — fueling speculation in the press, on the streets and among opposing government factions.

Everyone seems to agree on this: Most every group is suspect.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

2009 Poems

Wings of Truth

A Modern Cave

Spreading truth

in the face

of ignorance

we return to the cave

after experiencing

the beauty and wonder

of a better place

a more just world

a brighter future

We understand

the difficulty

you face

having lived in the

in the mostly dark

having only experienced

the shadows

that passed as reality

What we don’t understand

is why you can

no longer hear

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–February 27, 2009

Late Night Karaoke

Somethings Inside

Overnight Caption Contest

On secrecy…

I was having an interesting discussion the other day about the CIA lying to Congress with an acquaintance.  Most of the conversation revolved around my background, former military security clearance and experiences.

So, let’s discuss secrecy in our government…

Pique the Geek 20090712. Drugs of Abuse: LSD Part I. Science and History

Our journey now is ending.  This is the final installment on the Drugs of Abuse subseries of Pique the Geek.  This one will be a bit different, and will likely take a long time to read, if you listen to the music that I have chosen for it.

LSD is a uniquely 1960s substance, even though it was known before then.  Dr. Albert Hofmann first synthesized it in 1938 or so, but sort of forgot about it until 1943.  By the way, Dr. Hofmann died this year at the age of 100 years, so that material certainly did not kill him.

This is such a complex topic that it has taken several weeks for me to decide how to divide it into understandable chunks, and then how to present them.  The manner in which I finally decided may not be the best, but hopefully it will make some sense.  With a topic this complex, it will take two or more installments to complete.  We shall begin with the science and history this evening.

Considered Forthwith: Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

Welcome to the 16th installment of “Considered Forthwith.”

This weekly series looks at the various committees in the House and the Senate. Committees are the workshops of our democracy. This is where bills are considered, revised, and occasionally advance for consideration by the House and Senate. Most committees also have the authority to exercise oversight of related executive branch agencies.

Well, DK Greenworks week has come and gone, but the group lives on. Click the link and join us. In keeping with the green theme, this week I examine the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

For Budhy

Hey you all. I know I am sadly unable to participate to the extent I would like here, especially with my own Mother-in-law’s issues, at 90 and dying right now.

I do know, my husband, an only child is in agony 24/7 right now, its the 800 lb gorilla of grief. I lost both my parents. Been there.

Right now, he walks balk in spent, and feels everything is his responsibility, or that people are faulting him, and I imagine budhy feels much the same way. He is soul weary and touchy and in pain. He needs hugs and a safe place.

Lets give him a week of good feelings and Peace. The rest may not be all about him, but we can make Something about him and for him.

Even if its one song, one essay a day to tell him we value him.

Budhy dear, people are imperfect and I for one, not to speak for anyone else, do not hold you responsible for anyone else, and am proud of the job you’ve done here.

I hold you in my heart, and want a happy place for you now, and hope everyone can think of you first and themselves second, as if someone in their family had been lost.

Hope to see a bunch of “For Budhy” essays sprout. Love to all.

I Need Some Help Here, I’ve Gone Over the Edge.

Apparently I have gone over the edge, into an abyss of conspiracy where the devils advocate is just that, a devil.  I can see now that I was somehow born with the programming that has led me into this abyss.  I came of age during the sixties and early seventies when we had the Vietnam war and Civil Rights and the Cold war.  So I suppose I was affected by that in some way.  But evidently there were far many others from that time that were not affected in the same way so it couldn’t have been just that.  Other than that, I’ve lived the “normal” American life with a wife, two kids, a two car garage, a career and of course, a divorce. But I really started toward that abyss about 18 months ago.

That’s when I retired.  I’m fortunate in that respect because I have a pension after a thirty year career.  Of course, then I had lots of time.  I started sitting in front of the computer and learned to Google.  I found a few political websites, the first Huffington Post, then DailyKos.  I started getting into it and enjoyed reading the political stuff.  Then I went to the dark side.  9/11 conspiracy theory stuff, federal reserve conspiracies, antiwar sites, you name it.  It was like getting trapped in the porn section of a major city, not that I would know, I’m just imagining.  

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