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Buhdydharma Speaks: Docudharma is a PROGRESSIVE Community!

Just parking this quote here for future reference in flame wars anywhere else with people who say that DD is a bunch of far left zoned out DFH fringers and not a real progressive site.

In a really worthwhile commentary re online communities somewhere (I’m sure he said it, or would have given half a chance, but I just can’t find the link right now)…

Having learned from the failures of the others, I immediately announced that DD was a progressive community, and that henceforth conservatives would be on a short leash, or preferably in prison. There was a lot of crying about “free speech” and complaints that torturers were only expressing a difference of opinion as valid as any other, but I made it as clear as a boot in their asses that cons had plenty of places to go like Joliet, Attica, Marion, the ADX facility in Florence, Colorado, Big Sandy, or any of 111 federally run country clubs – and liberals didn’t, and that all 50 of these United States, and the House, Senate, DOJ and the Supreme Court would once again be safe havens for progressives. I fully intend to continue aggressively cleaning the clocks of the conservative troublemakers, and what do you know, most liberals like the idea, with the few exceptions of Messrs Holder, Obama, and most of the denizens of great orange satanland.

Of course this will just lead to arguments over what “Progressive” and “Liberal” REALLY mean, but I thought it worth noting, sharing and recording, lol.

Obama Picks His War Crimes Ambassador


Well this would be a good sign, but it seems to me like a hollow gesture from the Obama administration. The New York Times reports on the Lawyer picked for the U.S. war crimes post.

Note that isn’t ‘U.S. war crimes’, but a U.S. ambassador coordinating policy for war crimes perpetrated by others in the international community.

The White House has nominated Stephen Rapp, a well-known figure in international criminal law, to be ambassador at large for war crimes issues.

The ambassador at large, who works for the State Department, coordinates American policy on a variety of legal issues, including the response to international courts and tribunals and to grave violations anywhere of international human rights law. The Obama administration, which has signaled its belief in a strong American role in upholding international law, is expected to give new weight to the office.

Too bad that in America, war crimes can only happen by the other guy. What we need, Mr. Obama, is a war crimes lawyer to prosecute the Americans who ordered and perpetrated the war crimes. But then, the president is too busy looking forward rather than holding Bush, Cheney, et al accountable for their war crimes.

Upholding international law begins at home. It is far past time to bring our own war criminals to justice.

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