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Greenpeace: Not Going Away

Today’s fun at Vado Ligure: they finished putting messages on the smokestacks and one guy paraglided down towing a banner.

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Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning
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Assembling the Fragments


When you build yourself

out of fragments

assembling carefully

that which is good

shedding the bad

like a winter coat

deciding what fits

what is detritus

left suspended

in the wake

of growing up

why would there be

any desire

to conceal

the finished product?

Do I live my life

to minimize your


with the idea

of regeneration



or do I live my life

to improve

our common existence?

Is there really

a choice there?

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–February 13, 2009

Late Night Karaoke

Nikai Thursday

The Insurer’s Drop List, keeps growing …

We learned last week from LA Times reporting, and from Congressional Hearings, that Insurance companies routinely try to drop your Insurance policy, if you happen to get one of their “Hot List” illnesses.

Getting any of these illnesses, can Trigger the Insurance Company’s “Cancellation Police”, into action.

Denial Specialists scour your medical history, and cross-check that against your application, looking for any reason to Cancel, or rescind, your Insurance policy, thus saving the Insurance Company untold thousands in future payments for your expected Care. Denial Specialists, of course, earn bonuses for each Policy they cancel. What a system!

Those 4 illnesses (out of the 1000+ such Triggers) previously disclosed are:

breast cancer, high blood pressure, lymphoma and pregnancy

Well thanks to the tough questioning of the Oversight and Investigations Sub Committee, at least 2 more Triggering Illnesses have been disclosed, as indicated in the video and transcript of the Hearing:

The 2 other newly disclosed “Drop List” illnesses, include:

ovarian cancer, and brain cancer

Congressional Casino; or, how to fix the odds in your favor

Have you ever wondered why a casino will ban a person who can count cards?  It’s because that tips the odds into the player’s favor.  That is the game of the establishment; keep the odds in YOUR favor.

With that in mind…  

Overnight Caption Contest

On A Unified Progressive Agenda

HarlequinNarrowSo a while back budhy posted an essay that kind of asked us how we stood on the major progressive issues of today.

Are you-

  • A Human Rights Progressive?
  • An Economic Progressive?
  • A Constitutional Progressive?
  • An Environmental Progressive?
  • An Anti-War Progressive?
  • A Health Care Progressive?

Can’t say as I have a disagreement with any of you even if you think I’m not inclusive enough or have mislabeled you.

But if you claim to be a partisan, status quo Progressive

Well, you’re really not very progressive at all.

One Friedman unit into this Administration it is clear that ‘change’ is not much on the agenda, although hope, delusion, and denial are being dangled like so many jingly keys.

In the Corrida a wise bull focuses on the matador and not the cape.

I’m not distracted by bright and shiny objects and you shouldn’t be either.  It is entirely about accountability and whether our Representatives represent the voter or Beltway Special Interests.

Nor am I much in favor of letting apologists, excuse makers, and denialists becoming comfortable in their addiction to partisan power.

If you are not outraged you are not paying attention.

Pony Party: Firefox Warning

Hi, there!

I’ve been a fan of Firefox as my default browser since v. 1.5 was released out of Beta testing.  Every upgrade has been better than the one before…

Until today.

This morning, I saw that 3.5 was out of Beta testing & decided to upgrade.

Bad move.  It was much, much slower than 3.0.11 and was “wonky,” if you know what I mean.  Just didn’t work right, and was extremely slow besides.  Worse than the current version of Internet Explorer (previously the slowest browser I’ve ever used).

More after the jump…

NB: Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please do not rec the party, and please post your own thoughts, lols, vids, or whatever in the comments.

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