Using the Economic Crisis to Attack Workers

Original article, by David Lindorff and subtitled How the Bosses are Undermining the Stimulus Program, via

Reports are starting to appear suggesting that laid-off or underemployed Americans, and the long-term unemployed, are losing patience with the Obama administration’s and Congress’ economic stimulus plan, which thus far has not done anything to arrest the growth of unemployment, now at close to 20 percent of the US workforce, at least as unemployment used to honestly be counted in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Trillions for the bankster frauds and bosses, not even $1 trillion for the workers. As Lindorff shows, even that’s being used (in some cases) against the workers. I’d be PO’d, too.

While millions of jobs have been lost since the beginning of this year alone, the number of jobs that have been created as a result of the Obama administration’s signature $780-billion stimulus spending package is under 150,000-a far cry from the 3.5 million that were promised when the bill was being put before Congress.

Mere months…mere months…mere months. I figure I’ll get that one out of the way. Isn’t it amazing how the bankster frauds appear to have bounced back while the rest of us sit on pins and needles?

There has been a lot of hype from Washington sources, dutifully reported with little analysis or criticism in the corporate media, suggesting that the recession is bottoming out. One example was a report last week that the number of people receiving unemployment had, for the first time in six months, dropped slightly. Unmentioned was the hard reality that the reason for this drop was that many laid-off workers are now reaching the end of their 26 weeks of unemployment benefits in states that do not offer any extended benefits program. On inspection, that is hardly good news.

I wonder what the models the ‘good newsers’ are using? Unemployment is still going up, for closures are still going up, etc. And some of the ‘good newsers’ are already reporting that this will be a jobless recovery. But the bosses are doing well.

But there is another factor at work, which is not getting much attention, and that is the negative role being played by employers, both public and private, in worsening the recession and undermining the stimulus effort, such as it is, by actually using economic crisis as an excuse to further attack and undermine workers and their incomes.

No one should be surprised. The bosses want to break the workers, who already will have to shoulder the burden of the various bailout schemes the government and the Fed have come up with. When workers can’t afford to buy goods and services, the bosses will find out about their hubris (sure, they’ll still be able to afford their mansions, booze and companionship, but it’ll be hubris none the less).

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. Lindorff chronicles attempts by the bosses to break various unions in an attempt to control workers even more so than they already do. You can bet that the bosses mouthpieces from both the left and the right will be doing the cheerleading as far as this goes. We know better than to trust the Democrats in Congress and the White House. So what’s the answer?

“Workers, united, can never be defeated!”

This means not just the workers at Temple, or GM, or Republic Windows. It means all workers, fighting for all workers’ jobs and not just their own. By themselves, even unionized workers will fall to the bosses (take a look at GM and Chrysler). As one worker labor action takes place, it is incumbent on all workers to support said action, no matter where on the supply chain the action takes place. Otherwise, the bosses will win. Period.

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    • Viet71 on June 24, 2009 at 12:40 am

    you believe in someone whose future depends on defending a corrupt system.

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