NewsFlash: First Results from Iran, Mousavi Wins! UPDATE!

Just over the wire and FAR from official, reports are that Ahmadinejad has been ousted.

The new (maybe) President of Iran:


Some are citing the Obama effect, everyone is cautioning that Khamenei’ is still the real ruler…

But the real question is….

Who will America focus our need for an Evile Enemy on NOW?

UPDATE: Now Ahmadinejad is being projected…by the State media and State election authorities….that he controls as President, lol, as being far ahead.

Iow….tune in in about 48 hours for preliminary results, and at least a month for final results!

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  1. Photobucket

    Bad news for the Ne0-Cons and Paleo-cons!

  2. …Don’t count you’re eggs before the man takes his…



  3. the Illuminati owns them too!

  4. [  ] Bashar al-Assad of Syria

    [  ] Hugo Chávez of Venezuela

    [  ] Raúl Castro of Cuba

    [  ] Kim Jong-il of North Korea

    Probably a lot more… Russians, Chinese, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Mexico even.

  5. Mullahs are still in charge.  Honestly I don’t see it changing the US attitudes much either when it comes to substantive foreign policy changes.  Still, this is welcome news.

  6. the role of evil emperor.  But first, I need to receive cash and military assistance and accolades from the US govt.  Then after I have all of that and enact socialism in my household, they can decide that I’m a socialist and evil and start a campaign against me….

    • Edger on June 13, 2009 at 12:33 am

    WE are the evil enemy, no?

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