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Billy Graham & the Rise of the Republican South: An Interview With Historian Steven P. Miller

Photobucket The topic below was originally posted on my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

In the age of Barack Obama, both the Republican Party as well as the South appear marginalized and out of step with the rest of America. Yet it wasn’t so long ago that the South represented the foundation of America’s conservative hegemony. Starting with Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, the Republican Party prevailed in nine out of the next fourteen presidential elections with a reliable Southern base.

Specifically, the Republican Party exploited white Southern resentment against the cause of civil rights and integration. The “Southern strategy” as it was later called, enabled Republicans to end the Democratic Party’s previous domination of the South following the Civil War. A key figure in that realignment was the renowned evangelist Billy Graham.



For those of you who have followed New Orleans political events on the many local blogs that have sprung up since Katrina, this story brings certain feelings:

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and his wife have been quarantined in China after a passenger on their flight exhibited flu-like symptoms.

From E at We Could Be Famous:

Totally surreal.

Did Mr. Nagin name an acting mayor before his journey? Would it be the role of City Council to appoint one in the event he did not? Is the Mayor going to be fit to lead if he now must face down this mutant cyborg super flu?

This is actually one of the most graceful Nagin resignation scenarios out there.

Drink fluids.

To blog… Or not to blog… That is the question

When I started writing on blogs, like many others, I used a pseudonym in order to protect my identity.  Living in South Carolina, and having an anti-Republican mindset, my opinions could have opened my family up for retribution from employers, neighbors, and the occasional psychotic.

I “outed” myself for two main reasons; first, I really stopped caring if people knew who I was or not, and second, if I was going to change anything, than it had to come from me, not from an internet moniker.

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