Walter Reed at 100

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Walter Reed celebrates 100 years at forefront of medical research.

At a time when many hospitals operated with few resources and in unsanitary conditions, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center was a state-of the-art facility – boasting electricity, indoor plumbing and an elevator.

Since the facility opened its doors in 1909, it has treated six U.S. presidents and thousands of injured people from conflicts dating back to World War I. On Friday, the hospital marked its centennial anniversary.

The institution’s involvement in medical development is “profoundly important,” said Dale C. Smith, a medical historian and professor at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. >>>>>Rest can be found Here

Remember when Reed was going to be closed down, remember also the repug meme that That Was The Reason They Didn’t Put More Money Into The Housing and Other Issues At, when the problems at Walter Reed Hospital hit the news, While Waging Two Occupations!!!