The Medical/Insurance Complex

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    HMO’s, Big Pharma and other special interests have made America a place where getting sick equals getting poor for the massive majority of our citizens. While we struggle to pay for prescription medicine and health insurance that does not cover our needs, the wealth CEO’s and their political allies are fighting harder than ever to deny us the most basic of human rights, the right to see a doctor.

    Why? So they can make a bigger profit, of course.      

     Despite the huge amounts of money that pass through the hands of these crooks, the quality of the health care they provide has only gotten worse.

    Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter waded into the debate over a public health-insurance plan, saying today that such an option would create a “slippery slope” toward a day when all or most Americans would have government coverage.

    Leichleiter argued, much as the health-insurance industry has, that a public plan would have a huge advantage over private insurers, which don’t have the “resources of the Treasury or the power of law to set reimbursement rates.” In a speech before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (see his prepared remarks), he also said many employers would stop covering their workforces and send them to the public plan.…

    What would motivate the wealthy CEO’s of the Medical Insurance Complex to fight against basic coverage for all Americans? Maybe it is the fact that every dollar they can rob from sick and dying Americans will go straight into their own pockets.

    HMO Executive Earnings Are the Subject of Criticism–37 Execs Paid $277 Million in 2007

    Taken together, these six health plans paid 37 executives three times what the top 562 leaders in the federal government (executive, judicial, and legislative) received.


    If organ failure = torture then not only is mental suffering induced by ones captors torture, but so is health care insurance as it is run for profit today.

    For too long Americans have been at the mercy of greedy and overpaid CEO’s. The wealthiest among us seem only capable of making their profits by making us miserable. No wonder they hate empathy. Is it not evidenced here? What doctor could possibly keep his Hipocratic oath without keeping his empathy for human suffering as well? The two are inseperable.

    As unforgivable as it often is, the worst of the worst are the crooks in charge of the Corporations that operate our Health Care industry.

    The super – profits made by the Health Insurance Company’s, Big Pharma and the other crooks behind America’s decades old health care system are made by denying Americans who pay their health insurance from getting the coverage they have paid for. The Corporations can not make the same profits that they have become accustomed to without this system of legalized robbery. Worse, those Americans who do receive coverage are often so overwhelmed by the absurd cost of their medical treatment that they find themselves unable to make due on other necessary expenses. Wiped out savings and millions of families pushed to the brink of poverty, or over it, are just as damaging to our nation’s economy, if not more so, than a bank going out of business or some other issue that must be dealt with now.

    The majority of the civilized world uses a single payer system of health care, where all the members of the plan pool their resources together to offset the enormous cost. This allows businesses in Single Payer providing countries to be more competitive than other nations, because their businesses pay less in premiums, which allow them to pay higher wages and hire more employees. At the same time, consumers ( who are often employees at the same time. Who’d have thunk it! ) have more disposable income to spend or save, driving the economy forward in both the short term and over the long run.

    America, on the other hand, has a different system. And that system is broken.

    At least, that system is broken for those people who are not employed by it.

    And now we have the opportunity to fix our broken health care system, and the same people who profit off of dying human beings would really like to continue doing so.

    If single payer is off of the table this “reform” is already half doomed to fail. If a public option is not made available as a part of this “reform” we can only hope that President Obama will refuse to sign the bill into law, and send it back to congress to be re-written. If that does not happen, the center piece of Obama’s promised “change” will have been neutered, and any hopes for real change may as well be forgotten.

    Throwing money at the insurance companies has gotten America nothing, just as it does when we throw our money at the banks or national security or any other pressing issue that matters. Why pay for something we are not going to get? In much the same way, the failure of health care reform will be a curse to the Democratic party who now runs our Government. Instead of using this as an opportunity to prove that the Democratic party can make Government work when Republican ideas have entirely failed, they will prove that both parties are just as capable at delivering when the Special Interests call in their debts.

    The Military Industrial Complex has come to stand for an obsolete and odious structure that wastes resources and puts our security while enriching the already wealthy at the expense of the rest of society. The scarce resources that go into the Military Industrial complex benefit nobody, except the war profiteers in the private sector whom it employs and the corrupt and fear-mongering political class that it empowers. No body benefits when America builds a war ship that will never fight an equally formidable navy of another nation. It is the embodiment of an inequitable society that robs from the poor in order to explode that wealth for the benefit of the rich. Our Medical/Insurance Complex has become another obsolete and odious structure. It provides our society with nothing more than an increasingly unhealthy and impoverished underclass, while pouring the blood money of sick and dying Americans into the pockets of the rich and fabulous.

    No matter what option you support, whether it is a single payer plan or a public option, please let your Senator know that you demand real reform of our broken health care system.

    You can even use the Senate Switchboard phone number to call your own senators below:

   Senate Switchboard

   (202) 224-3121

And don’t forget the White House as well!

   Or, you can CALL the White House at: 202-456-1111 and… and let President Obama know that he promised America real health care reform, and we expect him to make due on it.

    Thank you for your time. I hope tomorrow finds you and your loved ones in better health, and with a healthier and more financially secure America to thrive in.


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  1. If we don’t get real health care reform, what will you do?

  2. …that he wants us behind him to push him in the right direction.  

    The majority of us want the single payer option.  Obama himself believed in single payer and spoke for it when he was a state senator in Illinois.

    Everybody go to an Obama support group and push for single payer.  Test him.  The only way we’ll know if we have been sold another bill of goods is to get behind this one and push hard, yell louder in massive, massive numbers.

    There are many events on May 30th and all month.  Go to

    pda dot com or Obama’s web for groups and events.

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