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My work rules for working hours need to apply to all the globe’s working people. Unless you have interest income and or dividend income you can live on, you’re a worker.  Managers are workers, if they are useful managers. Most senior managers, from what I’ve seen in the last 3 decades, are most focused with rigging the system to take a huge cut of the pie before anyone else gets a fair share of the pie they helped create. Just about all of us are working stiffs.

I’ve got no problem with competition.  However, competition without fair rules is NOT fair competition.  When the people with money make the workers’ rules about competition, the competition ain’t fair and ONLY benefits those with the money. The winners of the daily foot races of productivity get false promises and pennies, while the senior management pockets the surplus. For each inventor of a google or band aids who gets their deserved rewards, there are how many trumps, gates, hiltons, bushes … who are ushered into all the right doors with all the right opportunities?

There are 6 billion ++ people who need clothing, food, clean water, sewage, transportation, housing, education for their young, care for their elderly, healthcare, retraining when their jobs go obsolete, vacation … Everyone should see the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canyon in their lives.  There is more work to do than time to do it in.  There are not enough resources for everyone to have what they want, but, we should be smart enough to get everyone what they need. We need a hard working, honest public sector, and we need a non exploitive, vibrant private sector.  


– overtime is 1.5 times your hourly rate.

– 2 breaks at 15 mins. each, paid

– lunch at least 30 mins

– overtime starts after 8 hours of work.

– If you show up when you are supposed to, you are owed at least 4 hours of pay.

– your work days must be contiguous.

– your days off must be contiguous.

– overtime starts after 40 hours in a week.

– your contiguous days of work can’t change without a 1 month notice,

– your contiguous days of work can’t change without a 1 month notice,

– the scheduled time of your start can’t vary by more than 2 hours in any 6 week interval,

– if the scheduled time of your start will change by more than 2 hours, you get 1 month notice.

– overtime hours can be paid as comp time at 1.5 times your hourly rate by mutual agreement ONLY,

– 10 paid holidays a year.

– 10 personal / sick days a year, no use it or lose it, bankable to 50 days.

– 15 days vacation a year, no changes to agreed vacation time off 3 months before the time off.

– salary workers work max 40 hours a week.

– any owner or combination of owners can’t have more than 20% of their workers be part time,

– ALL workers defined as management get a proportional share of ALL Exec office stock options, bonuses, company housing, company transportation, Any and ALL non paycheck perks …

– employer pays to retraining fund for layoffs, the is fund NOT controlled by employers.

– employees earns 2 months retraining at last hourly rate per year of service. benefits available after 5 years continuous employment  

– managers who use firing to avoid layoffs get 10 years in prison, NO parole.

– managers who abuse the rules above get 10 years in prison, NO parole,

– abusive managers will be tried and prosecuted from funds collected from employers and paid into a fund dedicated to pay for abusive manager prosecution.

+++++++ End List For Now.

Some of the biggest holes in this list — what about part time work and what about FAIR compensation!

For example, scum bag companies make benefits available at full time work, then almost no one can get full time hours.  Smart scum bag companies will define all their workers as part time and screw all of them over! I don’t know an easy solution.

My list isn’t complete. However, I already have a full time job, so instead of criticizing my incompleteness, jump in with SUGGESTIONS that are detailed and workable.

I’m 49, I’ve worked at 5 different factory jobs for a total of about 10 weeks pay, I’ve worked in 30 or 40 different kitchens during the chef days, I worked on 9 different boats during the boat cook days, I worked for countless managers in redmond during the ’97-’02 software dot bomb boom, I’m now a salaried union teacher.

We are ALL workers, and, on Memorial Day, remember those who fought the fascists so we could have 40 hour work weeks and unemployment pay and the little itty bitty piece of almost nothing which we now get from teh f’ing scum who steal everything from us.


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    • seabos84 on May 25, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    I posted this diary last 4th of july and labor day on dkos –

    it doesn’t get much traffic cuz we’re all so busy with pictures of obama diaries, and we’re all so busy with diaries deconstructing the latest legal fucking bullshit about what is torture is is torture isn’t, and we’re all so busy with 100,000 feet policy diaries cuz we’re all college educated and we’re all so smart …


    anyone wonder why the average working smuck don’t give a rat’s ass about the professional classes??


  1. one Paper City boy to another.

    Folks over at Orange don’t understand why you and me have sharp such edges.  Maybe it’s because they don’t come from the places we do?  Seems to me, when you grow up in Paper City you only have two choices of how to be: total submissive obedient conformity, or not.  Seems we both chose “not” (to the extent anyone even gets to “choose” in any meaningful sense.)

    Have fun:

  2. I am an engineer with a masters degree but I never considered myself any different than a plumber, mechanic, or ditch digger as each of us had to haul it out of bed and go make a living. My daughter is a doctor and her specialty is such that she makes many times what I ever did. She just stares at me blankly when I suggest that she should support unions for nurses and hospital employees as this would push her futher up the ladder. What is it with doctors that they do not consider themselves working stiffs.

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