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Olbermann DESTROYS Rush “You Suck”

     Memo to Rush: if you want us to stop laughing at you, stop saying stupid shit.

    Keith Olbermann lays down the vicious and savage beating all over Rush Limbaugh’s fat keister. WTF!

    To sum this total owning up.

    “The crushing majority of America thinks you suck”

    The mental gymnastics engaged in by Rush on a daily basis do not make up for his lack of physical gymnastics over the last 2,000 mid night snacks. If Rush evened the score between the two, he could run marathons and power the national grid with the hot air emitting out of all of his orifices.

    The irony is that Rush wants the attention either way, but he wants to be able to entirely control the message, from the moment it passes by his hungry lying lips to the second those words pass your ear drum. The problem for Rush is in how to control the message even after facts prove that he is entirely full of shit.

   Now, if only Rush could eat his own words with the same zeal that he attacks the native salmon making their return to the river during spawning season.

Weekend News Digest

Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

Now with World and U.S. News.

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 California landing caps shuttle’s Hubble mission

By Steve Gorman, Reuters

24 mins ago

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, California (Reuters) – U.S. space shuttle Atlantis capped an extended 13-day mission to rejuvenate the Hubble Space Telescope on Sunday with a flawless landing at Edwards Air Force base in California.

The shuttle touched down under clear blue skies at 8:39 a.m. PDT (11:39 a.m. EDT/1539 GMT) after foul weather stymied two days of landing attempts at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“Welcome home Atlantis, congratulations on a very successful mission giving Hubble a new set of eyes that will continue to expand our knowledge of the universe,” radioed astronaut Greg H. Johnson from Mission Control in Houston.


In this diary, we address more directly what I’ve mostly skirted around in this New Deal series – something I’m completely unqualified to talk about.  That being race relations in the South.  I know it’s a cheap shot to give a diary this potentially misleading title, but I couldn’t resist.  STFU stands for Southern Tenant Farmers Union, which organization this diary will come around to after some introduction.


     Delta Cooperative Farm, Hillhouse, Mississippi, July 4, 1936

     (Dorothea Lange for the Resettlement Administration)

STFU was an important progressive organization in its day.  I’ve come across the argument that it was a key precursor to the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and 60s.  There’s probably something to that.

Behind the Eight Ball

Really wish I had the time to camp out a write an essay… and get into some discussion, Ill hop in here though with a a few thoughts util maybe another day when I have more time.

Cheney. Well, nothing gets my blood boiling faster than seeing him or his daughter all over my TV and certainly they are all over it. On a Tour. This has been bugging me, but it puzzles me. What are they up to? (I dont trust them of course, for a second).

Well, with this recent Speech and these proposals from Obama, Im beginning to think… it’s working… the Cheney plot. whatever it is! (ha ha). He’s got BHO up against the wall. Behind the eight ball.

Meta Meat is Hard to Beat: Hide Rating at DD…and the Influence of Blogs

One of the biggest differences between Docudharma and Dkos is that Dkos has aspirations of being respectable.

Thus, they allow no CT theories…..and many comments are Hide Rated. This used to be called Troll Rating, but was finally changed to reflect that Trusted Users are supposed to hide comments, not people. Hide rating is a term that they ‘stole’ from us and others to finally end the labeling and dehumanizing of our fellow human beings as Trolls, and thus ‘less than human.’ Monsters in fact.

The purpose of Hide Rating is supposed to be to remove content that is deemed by Trusted (as opposed to?) Users to be likely to offend the casual reader, those who are not TU’s. Hiding a comment does not hide it from TU’s, after all. But from the casual reader. It is a good theory….if you are trying to be respectable. If the casual reader sees offensive comments it will lower their respect for the site.

Docudharma is not trying to be respectable, lol. Our highest aspiration is to be credible. We have no pretensions to or illusions that we will influence the national political conversation. Except through a process we have come to call….ripples. (See banner)

My now years long immersive study of blogging has lead to the belief on my part that the purpose of blogs is to effect public opinion. As this diary points out…

THE HUFFINGTON POST: –Tool Of The GOP?–by KingOneEye

The Republicans share this theory.

According to one of the quotes therein, he main stream corporate media (like MoDo) now reads the blogs to get their news, or at least to pick up items…

Brian Rogers, spokesman for Sen. John McCain: HuffPo and [Talking Points Memo] really are the assignment editors for many in the Washington press corps – particularly the cables.

What the general public sees on their teevee machines has to come from somewhere. With newspapers dying, the Punditocracy are increasingly, it seems, looking to the blogs. That is a ripple. Something gets printed on a blog, the pundits repeat it, it goes out on cable. The highest echelons of the News media watch cable and that drives their stories ….and their influences their perceptions….that go out on the Networks to the GenPop. What has been written on the blogs has then rippled out to the GenPop.

So where do we come in, those of us not at the lofty heights of providing content to the FP of Huffpo, TPM, or Dkos? Bloggers read other bloggers. Bloggers get the raw news and analyze it. There analysis though, is not just based on the raw news that they read, but on the other analysis, the other blogs that they read, on the analysis of other bloggers. So bloggers essentially synthesize the news and the analysis and opinions of others, they publish, the pundits read them, the networks read them….and the public hears them.

We influence those who influence those who influence public opinion. Ripples of influence from the stone of the raw news dropped in the blogging pool.

General Stanley McChrystal & Obama’s AfPak “Solution”

Crossposted from Antemedius

Investigative historian and journalist Gareth Porter talks with Paul Jay about General Stanley McChrystal’s new job as the head of US operations in Afghanistan. Porter says McChrystal’s appointment will hardly change US policy in Afghanistan, but could intensify US commando raids and air strikes in the region.

He also comments on Obama’s plans for a civilian surge saying, “a civilian component to a counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan is essentially empty talk, in the sense that they don’t really know how to do it.”.

“They don’t have the means to do it. They don’t have people that are trained in Pashtun, the language of southern Afghanistan, where the ethnic group that basically inhabits the area, where most of the Taliban gains have been made, is located.”

Real News Network – May 24, 2009

McChrystal and the Afghan military “solution”

Porter: A civilian component to a counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan is essentially empty talk

Campfire Stories

Yes I have been gone for four days but feels like a month.  Did I have fun?  Well yes I had so much fun I’m not going to tell anybody where I went.  Why?  Well because I don’t want Massholes, flatlanders and or any otherwise un-intitiated city folk messing it up for the rest of us.  The Apocalyptic horses went on a trip to an ideal spot.  Trails are straight, surface sandy so we can just let er rip, go for it.  I mean if we’re all gonna die in the next few months I for one am gonna die with my riding boots on.

This country has become full of Darwin Award candidates and my recent wild west vaction has cemented that meme firmly in my mind.  We have a great  “adjustment” coming even if most refuse to believe it.

Café Discovery: the Dedos

Once upon a time I started a story.  Well, actually, I borrowed some dead guy’s story and decided to add to it, subtract from it and generally mold it into something else.

I’ve been asked to relate a bit more of the story.  The last snippet was added to the Ifalong on what we humans describe as November 28, 2008.  Much has transpired since then so I need some time to connect to the Rainbow computer, where the files are kept…if only because it is easier to initiate something comprehensible that way.

It might also be time to learn some other parts of the story.

_ # ^ &  _ # ^ &  _ # ^ &  _

The Engineer downshifted and the locomotive slowed as it traversed a difficult curve.

The Storyteller began a new story.  Actually, it was an old story.  One of the oldest…and most important.  The Rainbow computer had it exactly, it was assumed, but nobody told it as well as as the Storyteller.  The Listener became intent on trying to discover previously undiscovered nuance.  And the Passenger continued to dream.

Time to Come Out of the Closet

Warning to All Pony Lovers: this may upset you, a LOT!

It may make you want to tar, feather,and banish me forever.

But I cannot pretend any longer.

I don’t like Ponys.

They scare the HELL outa me.

I have Pony PTDS.

And very time I post a comment, someone gives me (shudder) MORE ponies.

I don’t know what to do.

I am also scared to death of HORSES, and the mere thought of running into a (cringe) UNICORN, makes my teeth chatter, even if they’re not in my mouth at the time.

I wasn’t born this way. Once upon a time, I even asked Santa to BRING me a Pony.

I was really pissed when he didn’t.  

I wasn’t born scared of ponies. Or horses.

But that was before I met one of each in person.

My kids wanted a pony. I bought one for them and that’s how I met “Puffin”, the Pony from Hell.

He was one of those pretty miniature ponies. I’d seen some dogs as big as that pony , so I wasn’t a bit scared of him, besides I probably weighed more than HE did.  The guy showed me how to put a bridle and saddle on him. Puffin stood there so patient and docile, such a sweet, gentle boy. With his owner leading, he gave both of my little girls their very first pony ride around our yard. I was so happy! I never got my own pony, but I got one for them and it felt like some long awaited victory!

Then the guy turned him loose in my small fenced in pasture, and left. They were moving out of state the next day.  Later that day, sugar cubes and apples in hand, I went out to get acquainted with Puffin by myself. Being a city girl, I wondered how you call a pony: do you whistle? Say “Here, Pony! Here, Pony?” What?

Puffin finally wandered over to the fence where I was. I held out the sugar cubes. He just looked at them and snorted.  The apple, then? Same thing. He sniffed it, snorted, shook his head then  went right back to standing stock still, staring me right in the eye with a distinctly UNFRIENDLY stare. I gingerly offered the apple which time he dropped his head, knocked the apple to the ground, BIT MY HAND ,then walked a few steps off,turned his back and took a big crap.  

Now I am not stupid. I can read non verbal cues. This pony definitely did NOT like me.

To make a long story short, over the next month I must have run ten thousand miles around that pasture trying to catch that damned pony, to no avail. More than once he turned the tables and chased ME with those big teeth bared! Nothing worked. I made sure he was well fed, well watered, had good shelter and endless treats, all of which he rejected in favor of another bite of my hand.  I spent countless hours sitting by the fence, using my most persuasive communication skills to win his trust, but he’d just stand there munching grass and pooping as if I didn’t exist. Meanwhile, I’m  trying to explain to two tearful little girls that Mommy just can’t CATCH their pony, so they could ride it. Having to look at a pony they could not ride became just too much, SO I found another good home for Puffin, who, it eventually turned out, simply hated women, but not men.

As for HORSES, meet Diamond, a Tennesee Walker, about 16 hands high.  I rented the pasture to his owner, who was flat out determined to teach me to ride a horse. Diamond was gentle, he said, no reason to be afraid of good ol Diamond!  Oh, hell no!  The minute I climbed up onto his back, he reared up, took off like a bat outa hell, and threw me hard into the creek! Dislocated shoulder. Nice horse, that ol Diamond.

So there, now I’ve done it.

I have outed my self as non-pony-lover.

I am aware this may be grounds for banning.

Just please don’t give me any more ponies.

give them to each other instead.



Why a Revamped Public Plan for Health Care Reform is Important

The Congress continues to struggle with PAC donations from insurance, pharmaceutical and the American Hospital Association –or whether or not to they tell them that our system is broken.    Which do you think is winning?

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The Next Torture Meme: They Deserved It.

The Dog is all about progress, so when progress on an issue like torture, however small it is, happens, the Dog is always trying to look down the road and see what will be the next step or counter step. This week with the very public and very limited waterboarding of Mancow (a conservative radio shock jock) and his admission that even his sanitized and safe version was indeed torture; the Dog thinks we should talk about one of the next memes you are likely to hear about from the torture apologists.  

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