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Late Night Karaoke

Strictly Retro  

21 Grams


My son just asked if I thought there was an actual heaven after you die, or if it was just a state of mind. He was earnest and serious. This was not a child-question. He wanted to talk about it.

He asked his Father, he asked Me, what we thought happened when we die.  We both spoke of reincarnation as a possibility, being “part of the all,” everyone’s uncertainty of it, and that it is a part of life, a change, rather than an end. We were certain that his Grandmother was on his mind.

Asked what he thought, he said that “It’s not just being part of the all, but its like a state of mind, like a dream. Dreams you are in charge of.” I have discussed with him before lucid dreaming to let him take charge of nightmares, to great success. But he said dying wasn’t like those, just a dream-state but different.


It got harder.

We have already confessed our agnostism to him previously.

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