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Early Retirement Window

The suckiness of life is only exceeded by the suckiness of people who suck.  In this case the suck factor applies to those who have to follow “the rules” even if they make zero sense.

Adjusting to Success

Disclaimer: This essay in no way suggests that we should lessen our efforts or become complacent and uninvolved!!!

After eight years of failure, we are starting to succeed. Can we handle that?

On torture for instance, by far the greatest danger was that the change in administrations would cause the Bush War Crimes to be swept under the rug. Now we can see that it will not be.

That is a success!

There is still much work to be done of course, but hey, we won! We  cleared the first hurdle after eight years of having everything we were trying to achieve shot down at the first hurdle by Cheney’s Assassination Squads.

Now political success is always relative. It IS the art of compromise. But that was a lost art under Bush. The absolute key to compromise, to negotiation, is asking for more than you want and then in the best case scenario, compromising down from those demands to getting to what you actually wanted in the first place. Asking, for that first goal, asking for too much is OUR job, the job of the Far Left.

And right now, as reality is showing us starkly and plainly…..anyone to the Left of Arlen Specter is the Far Left!

So yes, WE do ask for European Style Socialism and safety nets, WE call for an end to war, WE call for every economic policy that will take power from the Ruling Class and give it to the poor.

And that means that we will ALWAYS “lose.”

Because we won’t get what we ask for. We will always get something less. We will get compromised.

And that, my Far Left friends… success.

Because for the last eight years, we haven’t gotten squat.

So keep Yelling!

But also quietly acknowledge our successes when they come.

Because now they WILL come.

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