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Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

An Opened Mind V

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Blue Mother

Chapter 6

The Spirit of the Valley

never dies.

It is called

the Mystic Female.

The Door

of the Mystic Female

Is the root

of Heaven and Earth.

Continuously, continuously,

It seems to remain.

Draw upon it

And it serves you with ease.

–Tao te Ching (tr. Lin Yutan)

Blue Mother

Like you

I hang my head

You in sorrow

Me in shame

Blue Mother

I weep with you

for the damage done

to the spirit

of the valley

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–November 1, 2005

Late Night Karaoke


No Prosecutions, No Accountability: Another Day in Torture USA

Sometimes I am truly overwhelmed with both gratitude and awe at the amount of important work being done on the ongoing torture scandal by journalists, bloggers, attorneys, psychologists, doctors, and just plain decent people.

I wanted to highlight a few that seem specially extraordinary, or of current interest. At the close, we’ll look more closely at where the fight for prosecutions stands today. In this diary, we’ll look at a number of articles, including one that highlights the role of psychologists in planning torture, and one that compares the role of solitary confinement in U.S. prisons with the practice at Guanatanamo.

Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse is a Daily Kos regular blogger, who just finished a second installment of the DK Sunday Torture News Roundup (first installment is here). PDNC highlighted the ongoing case of Aafia Siddiqui. Siddiqui was likely a U.S. “ghost prisoner” of the CIA, and is now being held in a Texas prison, where her sanity and competency to stand trial is being determined. You must read the entire piece, for its cumulative impact, which is powerful.

What I Really Think Of Barack Obama, Or WTF Is Going On?

And What I Really Think Of Eric Holder, too.

I suspect, or hope rather, to give them the benefit of the doubt, that what they might be trying to do is rather than fight or go head to head with the plutocracy that has them surrounded and controls foreign and economic policy and the judiciary and the CIA and the NSA and the military and the media, is to find a way to coopt that plutocracy, get them to see that it is also in their best interests to stop all the looting of society and warmongering, and get them on their side.

I don’t know if they have a chance in hell of accomplishing that though, if that is what they are trying, or if they will end up with everyone simply throwing their hands up in disgust and concluding that it is Obama and Holder on the plutocracy’s side, as it looks so far.

A promise kept

Somewhere among my last entries here before the Election SeasonSM began in earnest last year, I promised to post something about why things are not as bad as they may seem stateside.  Please forgive that I’ve not followed up until now.

(Regarding Election SeasonSM itself, well, Metaphorical Carpet Bombing with facts as munitionsSM, TM in the dkos realm worked out pretty well, IMO.  So began the Revolution.  And most of it was televised after all.)

Help me out here

I have a brand new computer problem and must take action.  In being my typical self it appears that either Google or my personal NSA staff has indeed fried another computer.  The virus manifests itself via search engine redirects and brings up lamestream moronic sheeple shit and tells me nobody sells what I am specifically looking for.  Anyway try it yourself and see if your computer is infected.

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