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Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

An Opened Mind IV

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Black and White


It is all about balance,

so my book tells me.

What to balance with what?

Therein lies the difficulty.

Does the past

offset the future

or the present?

If it balances

the present

then how can Now

also be in balance?

And isn’t that important?

Cannot the present

only be the

balance point

if the past

and future offset?

But how can

the past

offset a future

which has not

yet occurred?

Perhaps this problem

needs more


a change in

the frame

of reference.

–Robyn Elaine Serven
–November 7, 2005

On Earl Avenue

Is there a soul to a house?

If we call it just a house and not a home, does it still possess a soul separate from the vagaries of mortgages, layers of paint, or crayon, or grease on the walls, busted pipes in the winter, the seepage stains that are like Mercatur projections of alien continents on whitewashed mortared walls?

Does the heart of a house exist outside any memory of the tangible moments that mark the living within? Or does the spirit of a house, soul-centered in an aging body of wood and brick and nail, pulse simply because there are lives, loves and deaths that pass through?  Perhaps an invisible, silent, tender skin of cares, of worries, of hopes, coats every moment exchanged. Coats the hallways, the rooms, the stairs, the steps leading away. In this old house on Earl Avenue.

Monday Morning Business Update

Old News


1 Bank execs vow to work with Obama on recovery plan

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE, Associated Press Writer

Sat Mar 28, 1:42 am ET

WASHINGTON – Top executives of the nation’s biggest banks said Friday after meeting with President Barack Obama that they will work with the administration on its economic recovery plans, but want more specifics from the White House. In an interview with CBS News, Obama said his overarching message was this: “Show some restraint. Show that you get that this is a crisis and everybody has to make sacrifices. They agreed and they recognized it. Now, the proof in the pudding is in the eating.”

Bankers said an administration proposal to jump-start lending, a problem at the heart of the industry’s crisis, is encouraging.

“People are looking at that. It’s positive,” Morgan Stanley’s John Mack told The Associated Press in an interview. “We think it’s the right thing to do and now we just need to get the details.”

Late Night Karaoke

Where In The World Is Bob

Pachydermicide, the Perennial Sport of Kings

I have always considered myself a sportsman, old boy. Not such a striking thing to admit, I’ll allow-but in the current age of crass exhibitionism and crude violence, the simple sportsmanship of big-game hunting does seem to still carry a certain cachet with the public imagination. As it should-and has, for many years, thanks to great men of the past-but of course, when I mention the word “hunting,” the unfortunate modern connotation is of half-wit archer-apes with cat scratch fever running around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. However, those damn fools will have a long row to hoe before they do true damage to the hunting ideal, eh what? Quite.

Torture News Roundup: A Woman Tortured?

Top Story

  • Female prisoner at Bagram:  In an interview, Binyam Mohamed revealed that there was a female prisoner  when he was imprisoned at Bagram in June 2004 for around 3-4 months:

    1.  He saw a female prisoner wearing a shirt with the number 650 at Bagram prison.

    2.   The guards frightened the male prisoners into not talking with the woman prisoner for fear that the prisoners “would know who she was.”

    3.  In terms of how this woman may have been tortured, Binyam knew that the woman was kept in isolation and he “could tell that she was severely disturbed.”

    4.  Binyam heard that she had children, but did not see the children at Bagram.

    5.  The woman was from Pakistan and she had studied or lived in America.

The continuing adventures of Chlorosilane

My husband and I do a lot of online gaming. We like to pick silly or witty names for the characters: Mysthang Foshizzlyo, Freudian Slap, stuff like that. I have an Anarchy Online agent named Valerie Plame and a Guild Wars dervish named Meclazine Skelaxin. (Anyone in the medical profession will get the joke.)

One day last summer I came home in a really, really bad mood. I’d found a little yellow book in my merry volkswanderung in the big blue room. I won’t say where, and I won’t say what the title of the book is. That book had a little piece of paper stuck between some particular pages, and I really didn’t like what those particular pages had to say.

Free Energy Since 1150?

The concept of perpetual energy appears to be an age old idea.  The “laws” of physics state that such things are just impossible, the pipe dreams of people who don’t understand and or can’t measure the claims properly.

Nature itself is full of energy.  It makes the world spin, the lightening strike and brings the tide in and out.  Is it real of is it pipe dreams.

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