‘We need to fight every job cut’

Original article, subtitled Sacked Cowley worker speaks out warning others not to waste the mood to resist, via SocialistWorker Online (UK):

“If our unions fight back when bosses announce redundancies, then we’ve got a chance to save jobs. But if we’re told to quietly walk away, then we’re all done for.”

Strong words indeed. With jobs disappearing by the hundreds of thousands a month in the US, these are words workers need to hear and heed. Keep an eye on how the workers at the Big Three of the auto industry react to how they’re going to be treated.

That is the message from Doug Foreshew, who worked at BMW’s plant in Cowley, Oxfordshire, for nearly five years until he was sacked last week.

Yes, Foreshaw worked in England. Does this make the warning any less worthwhile? I don’t think so. Workers around the world are losing their jobs.

After receiving a calculation of his total benefits, Doug has worked out that after all his outgoings his family of four will be forced to live on just £50 a month.

Let’s hope Foreshaw can find work. Keep this in mind: The sack can happen to any of us at any time. The need for solidarity with our fellow workers has probably never been greater than now (in many of our working lives).

Read the rest of the article and find out how Foreshaw’s union reacted. You’ll also get a feeling for what many workers around the world are fighting as you read this. And be sure that it is now that unions should be standing up for their workers, unlike what happened in Foreshaw’s case. If workers don’t stand together, as individuals they’ll be picked off by the basket full.

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