The Stupidity Reserve: America’s economic salvation

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What if there were a secret store of wealth that America could use to pay down its debts and restore prosperity? What if we could free hundreds of billions of dollars to reinvigorate our society and restore confidence to industry and financial markets? Such a reserve does in fact exist. It is our accumulated store of institutionalized stupidity.

Readers of “Dilbert” who have worked in large organizations must constantly explain to children and other innocents that the pervasive stupidity depicted in Scott Adams’ comic strip is only slightly exaggerated. It exists in every corner of our “efficient” quasi-capitalistic marketplace. In prosperous times, institutionalized stupidity is annoying, but in times of extreme economic difficulty, this huge reservoir of dysfunctional behavior is inevitably tapped as desperate necessity becomes, temporarily, powerful enough to overcome the general human tendency toward stupid institutional behavior.

Whence institutional stupidity? The best answer I can come up with is that our species is designed by evolution to adopt destructive simplifications of behavior. The eagerness of individuals to substitute obedience to simple rules for independent development of specific solutions is the foundation of institutional decay. Fixed rules substitute for context-based decisions and dogmas crowd out considered judgments until schools produce dropouts, prisons incubate criminals, food plants ship toxic peanut butter, and Vista bogs down your computer. As every institution ages, the accumulation of irrationality in its growing mass of rules, dogmas, and habits raises the level of dysfunction and stupidity, until some final crisis sweeps away the accumulated mountain of folly.

A year ago, I began using the FIOS high-speed Internet service provided by Verizon, a huge telecommunications corporation. Ever since I began using FIOS, Verizon marketing personnel have contacted me, on average about twice a month, asking me to sign up for the FIOS service. Each time they call me, I carefully explain to them that I am already a FIOS customer, and they reply that they will not solicit me again. Then, a few weeks later, the phone rings again with another FIOS solicitation. Verizon has probably spent more money on re-marketing FIOS to me than they did on the initial installation of the service. This is not an isolated anecdote. Such stupidity accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars of waste. Let’s look at the big examples.

1. Medical record keeping stupidity. About 15% of all outlays on medical care in the US are wasted on mountains of stupid and unnecessary paperwork. Every hospital insists on running an incompatible computer system. A single federal electronic medical information standard could sweep this away in a few years.

2. Military spending stupidity. Our military spending should be, and will be, slashed to about 20% of what it is today, eliminating an incredibly stupid and corrupt establishment that should have vanished at the end of the Cold War.

3. Transportation stupidity. Commuting to white collar information work is unnecessary and will be ended as energy depletion puts the brakes on the “happy motoring” culture. A one-time Federal investment in universal broadband service will make teleconferencing and rapid document transmission available to all.

4. Toxic food stupidity. A junk food industry that has unleashed obesity and diabetes plagues on America can be shut down with just a few regulations that mandate balanced nutrition in all fast food offerings. This will save billions in downstream health care costs.

There is ample historic precedent for the tapping of a stupidity reserve. In WWII, the United States made the unremarkable discoveries that women could perform complex assembly line work and that factories could be converted quickly to make entirely new products. War production soared far beyond estimates made by planners. For a short time, institutional stupidity was banished from much of American industry.

When will America tap its current enormous stupidity reserves? When it hurts too much to do otherwise.

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  1. You get it.

    • Edger on February 8, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    If there wasn’t enough stupidity our unsustainable economy would… crash.

    Ummmm… never mind. 😉

  2. 1. Medical records

    You miss the Satanic evil possibilities included with permanent digital instantly transferrable to anyone in computer standarized format.  See various sci-fi dystopian future world movies like Gattica.

    2. Military

    Get with the new program.  It is called Homeboy Insecurity and since when did God himself anoint the US with the role of world police.  Yes I do agree, it’s retarded leaning more towards Satanic that our kids have to die for nothing more than the interests of Global Corporations.

    3. Wide area WiFi

    Ya, well this is part of digital TeeVee and if you think media sucks now multiply that suckyness by a factor of a bazillion.  In addition it enables all sorts of surveillance possibilities.

    4. Toxic food

    Is really a book.  Not only food but never before seen chemicals, drugs,bees disappearing,GMO and nanotech.  Take me back to those wonderfully simple Cold War days and the ONLY major deal was merely Mutually Assured Destruction.

    Yes, I did get the chance to ride the Apocalyptic horse today.

    • ANKOSS on February 9, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    It was difficult, costly, and time-consuming to abandon the Roman numeral system. But since Roman numerals were a comparatively stupid way of handling computation compared to positional numerical notation, their abandonment liquidated a huge stupidity reserve and contributed substantially to human wealth.

    How many more years of our current gross stupidities can we afford? XXX? XX? XV? V?

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