The American Way: No Shoes, but

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A call has gone out, now Around the World, not only in anticipation of the Incoming Sanity but to cleanse ourselves, sybolicly, of the eight years of the disgusting growth that has taken us from a Leader Amoung Nations to the depth’s of the gutter ready to drain away into the sewers, rapidly!

The-January-20-Toilet-Flush At 12 Noon on January 20, the twice-elected 43rd President George W. Bush will step down as leader of the United States.

At that precise moment, a lot of Americans will be flushing their toilets.

Word is spreading through emails, phone calls, workplace conversations and household vows (I’ve seen two mass emails myself in as many weeks.) As Bush departs the White House, Americans who lacked the fortitude for impeachment will at least offer a symbolic flush on the most reviled and divisive presidential regime in living memory.

Is it deserved?

Sounds like a great American way of showing the disgust most feel, but hey, if anyone has a chance, Ever, to throw a shoe at this tiny man we allowed to lead, Go For It!

He leaves with the Constitution red-inked and tattered. With the utmost arrogance, his regime decided who were the “real Americans” and who the traitors, and leading by example they stoked a mob mentality unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Passion and prejudice became the way of life.

A mob mentality of total ignorance and revisionist history that continues but in fewer numbers for most finally understood what was happening to their country, We See That Today, Just Watch!

On his watch, the very worst audacious corruption, nepotism, and dishonesty prompted classic conservatives, like those at The American Conservative, to pounce on the Bush betrayal of the United States.

An ideology decided to allow itself be taken over and destroyed by a handful of miscreates and criminal minds, let that ideology die the death it should, they destroyed it without even much of a whimper. Anything they try to say and do will never bring back what was, they still follow the messages that led to the crumbling destruction of!

So is a farewell flush on January 20th deserved?

It’s better than he deserves.

But sometimes symbolism has its own satisfaction.

And after that brief symbolism of satisfaction we have one hell of alot of work to do as what we once knew is collapsing rapidly around us. But as noted by many “We The People” must hold those who have Disgraced this Nation and performed “In Our Names”, making us the “Guilty”, Accountable. Investigations must take place and where they lead they lead, the World Demands that of us, and We should Demand it of Ourselves!!