Greece rises in rebellion

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Original article, an editorial subtitled The Greek socialist newspaper Workers’ Left looks in this editorial at the roots of the revolt that began with the killing of a teenage student by police in Athens–and what the protests mean for the future, via

THE WAVE of struggle that has burst out after the police murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos has been justly characterized as a social rebellion by youth in Greece.

The struggle against the government in Greece has be relegated to the back pages, if covered at all. While not have the ‘glamor’ of the military actions in the Gaza strip, we can perhaps learn more about how one small country is facing this current economic crisis. Is the radical left in solidarity with the population, led by the students, in Greece? Is there the possibility of an overthrow of not only the political order, but the economic order as well?

Thousands upon thousands of young people–high school and university students, and young workers–have taken over the streets of all the important cities in the country, sending a loud message: “We are not going to take it no more!”

More power to them! We, in the US, have sat back and watched as our government has spent trillions (!) of dollars to bail out the very wretches who have caused our economic collapse. Where are our marchers? The fact that these actions by the students of Greece were precipitated by the killing of a teen student begs the question as to why we aren’t having nationwide protests against the excesses of our police?

By targeting the police, they made clear their decision to confront the suffocating repression used against them. By the targeting the banks–the symbol of capitalist greed–they showed their intention to fight against the exploitation that crushes the whole of the working class.

‘Social order’ is being used to crush the students and working classes, not only in Greece but around the world. It is the poor, working and middle classes who will be saddled with the cost of the bailout of the bosses. One can only see harder times in the future for the the vast masses of the general population of the world, while the well-to-do get to continue their profligate ways.

It has also stood up against a slander campaign organized by the government, with the support of the media and, unfortunately, the Communist Party, and the silence of PASOK, the main social democratic party. The propaganda about “blind violence” was designed to divert attention from the actual activities of the movement and to force the youth into retreat.

It seems that the parties of power all serve the same master. Why should we be surprised, as the same is true here in the US. Until the realization comes that this is class warfare, with the government allied with the bosses against the masses, we will continue to see the crushing of any real ‘change.’

Read the original editorial to get a feel for a left view of the struggles in Greece. Keep in mind that we, in the US, are being sold that the party which is soon to hold the legislative and executive branches of our government are to bring ‘change’ to how things work here. If we are to consider the situation in Greece, perhaps we won’t be surprised by how little things will actually change.

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  1. The West being shown the light by the Greeks…why does this seem propper?

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