A Place to Visit for ‘PEACE’ while in DC for Inauguration

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While those of you attending the Inauguration may be staying over for a few days, either before or after, you may find this a restful and enlightening venue to stop in and visit.

1/1-31 Georgetown: The Peace Mural, the unbelievable 2,000 paintings exhibition of art on war, peace, and torture that the Vietnamese-American artist Huong has on display in a 10,000 square foot gallery on M Street in Georgetown: Peace Mural Foundation

About the Artist HUONG: A young journalist at the time of the Vietnam War, Huong climbed aboard one of the last refugee boats before the fall of Saigon, wearing only one shoe and carrying her infant son in arms. She first settled in Alaska where she swapped her pen for a brush in an effort to”paint out” the passions within her. Eventually she launched an art career that has captured the attention of art audiences and critics internationally. Not unlike Picasso’s own war protest painting Guernica, Huong’s paintings collectively form a body of work addressing the global issues of war and peace. Through hundreds of painted canvases, the Peace Mural is a symbol of Huong’s determination to purge our culture from the ways of war and to advance an emerging culture of peace.

An inspiring video introduction about the artist Huong, her Peace Mural, and the mission of the Peace Mural Foundation, Inc. (6 min)


Vietnamese Artist Huong Strives for Peace

Here are a few links to view some of her work right now:

The War Pieces

The Peace Pieces

Let’s Think Peace

The Flag at War

For much more information and directions etc. visit The Peace Mural Comes  to Washington

A Time for Change … A Time for Peace … The Time is Now

For abit more information you might want to read this Washington Post article In Images of War, a Plea for Peace

Artist Lost Father, Brother Before Fleeing Vietnam in a Small Boat in 1975

“Peace is simple,” said the Vietnamese-born artist known as Huong.

Gliding through gallery rooms in Georgetown, where thousands of her paintings are on exhibit, Huong, a onetime war refugee, swept an arm toward one wall, then another.

“Very simple. . . . See?”

Here, on two floors, is her vision of peace, shaped by personal pain and expressed vividly on canvass, her style influenced by cubism.

There you will also find a slide show of Huong and her work.

Some Other Events This Coming Weekend:

Friday, Jan. 9: Warmonger’s Wake

Saturday, Jan. 10: PeaceBuilders Reception, National Peace Foundation

Sunday, Jan. 11: Nonviolent PeaceForce DC Chapter Organizing Meeting

Sunday, Jan. 11: Seven Years of Guantanamo, with Hector Aristizibal

As everyone knows there will be much more going on both prior to and into the days after this Historic, on so many levels, Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Let us Hope a New Page is turning on the real direction of this Country, not of what we like to think and say we are But Become Those Words and Actions, not only for us but for the World!

As Leaders Lead By Example, our examples have been the Negative, especially extreme negatives against even our own Laws, those Examples we’ve followed are how we’re perceived now and have been these long seven years and will be into the near future!

Here’s hoping we can rapidly change those tragic examples and lead as we should, it’s up to us for those to come!