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Wednesday Morning Science Supplement

From Yahoo News Science

1 Evolution war still rages 200 years after Darwin’s birth

By Robert S. Boyd, McClatchy Newspapers

Mon Jan 26, 11:55 am ET

WASHINGTON – Two centuries after Charles Darwin’s birth on Feb. 12, 1809 , people still argue passionately about his theory of evolution.

Was Darwin right? Should schoolchildren be exposed to contrary views in science class? These two controversies continue to rage, partly because both sides are evenly matched.

Most scientists and courts that have ruled on the matter say that overwhelming evidence backs Darwin’s explanation of the origin and evolution of species, including humans, by natural selection.

An Entry To My Diary

[meh – not going to continue the series, excising it from the world]

Late Night Karaoke

Music From Americas

Pacific Northwest  

Heart – Crazy On You  

Why Omitting Contraception Was Smart Politics

For the record I support the following:

1.  Universal health care coverage for all Americans.

2.  I prefer some form of Medicare for all.  Government guaranteed, privately run health care.

3.  Put the HMO bureaucrats out of business.

4.  Keep Health care separate from employment.

More after the flip.

The biggest swindle of all

Original article, subtitled Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion fraud had a lot in common with the everyday workings of capitalism, says Alan Maass, via socialistworker.org:

THEY LINED up to give him their money because he always delivered. Big European banks, assorted hedge funds, super-rich philanthropists, sports moguls–they all flocked to Bernie Madoff’s investment firm because he produced stellar returns, year in and year out.

Pony Party – Open Thread

This Pony Party is an Open Thread – Please do not rec the Open Thread.  Chat Away!

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