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Pony Party: Music I Like

Hope you will like this:

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“One hour.”

(dying a horrible death on Daily Kos)

NOTE: After reading yesterday’s C&J, I decided to embargo this until today. Obviously, I originally intended to post this at 11 ET yesterday morning…but I couldn’t make myself do it. I just COULDN’T be a buzzkill on that Day of Days.

One hour from now, Barack Hussein (and f you if you don’t like it) Obama will drop the “elect” from his title, and become the 44th President of the United States.

We’ve worked like hell to get to this point, kids. We’ve tangled with Republicans in general as well as “birthers”, PUMAs, racists, Paultards, Fox News, Larry Johnson, (oh wait. I already said PUMAs. But he’s special. He’s a FloBee PUMA.) and on and on and on.

But more importantly, and more to the point, to reach the point at which we arrive in One. Fricking. HOUR……we’ve gone through eight years of hell.

And THAT, my friends, is the point of this dairy.

And I’m here to remind you

Of the mess you left when you went away

It’s not fair to deny me

Of the cross I bear that you gave to me

You, you, you oughta know

Sub folda.


A Personal Request for Help From SF Kossacks

Could any SFKossack out there pretend to have asked for a solar consultation from me?

Here's the situation: I've been looking for work; selling solar power.

It's really a long shot (I'm some old lady with only an Art School education). Finally I found a company but the interview failed to convince them that I could do it. They referred me to the PG&E solar training.

At my first PG&E class last week the woman who sat next to me was a SF resident who wanted a solar consultation and I took her name and email down – and emailed the solar company back and offered the lead in return for a demo of how a solar consultation should look, at her site.

Amazingly, this morning they actually emailed me back that in return for my “soft lead” they would show me how to do a consultation professionally. (The commission would have gone to my trainer, who would be a guy from the company) and actually renewed the possibility that I could start working for them, based on this one contact.

Woohoo!!! Right?

I then found I had lost my PG&E colleagues contact info.

Four at Four

  1. McClatchy reports a military Judge freezes 9/11 trial as Obama takes steps on Guantanamo pledge. “Army Col. Stephen Henley halted the 9/11 military commission proceedings at midday, after a Pentagon prosecutor argued at the war court created by President George W. Bush that the trials themselves are the prerogative of new commander in chief.” The freeze is for 120 days and came at the request of President Barack Obama.

    “Only hours after he was sworn in Tuesday, Obama told Defense Secretary Robert Gates to instruct the Pentagon prosecutor to seek delays in each of the cases of 21 people currently charged with war crimes before military commissions.”

  2. The NY Times reports the U.S. secures new supply routes to Afghanistan. “Faced with the risk that Taliban attacks could imperil the main supply route for NATO troops in Afghanistan, the United States military has obtained permission to move troop supplies through Russia and Central Asia, Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American commander in the Middle East, said on Tuesday.”

    Meanwhile, the AP reports the U.S. investigates Afghan civilian deaths claim. “The U.S. military said Wednesday that it was investigating an Afghan news report that a coalition operation may have left more than two dozen civilians dead.”

    And the CS Monitor reports the Taliban warn Obama: Leave Afghanistan.

Four at Four continues with Geithner’s confirmation hearing for Treasury Secretary and a look at Obama’s inaugural address.



“I’m not prepared to vote on Holder. I’m meeting with him tomorrow,” ranking committee Republican Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania said at midday. He said he still has additional questions he wants answered .

Sen. John Cornyn , R-Texas, said he and other committee Republicans want Holder to answer follow-up questions they posed after his Jan. 15 confirmation hearing before the committee. Among them are questions about the possibility of future criminal prosecutions of U.S. personnel involved in the interrogation of terror suspects and the potential impact on intelligence gathering.

No one could have anticipated…..

How long will post-partisanship last with the R’s obstructing every move?

Apparently Leahy and The Spineless One are having words.  

53% of the USA is anti American

“Bottom line, he got elected, didn’t he” (warning, toxic freeper link)

He did get elected but that’s not the bottom line, merely an indicator that 53% of the USA is anti American. The atrocity isn’t Obama, the atrocity is the American people.

We need better math teachers!

In other news…


 The new administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has verbally ordered the prosecution to seek a 120-day adjournment in war-crimes cases at Guantanamo Bay.

   A commissions spokesman says the order was made through Secretary of Defence Robert Gates. The prosecution has filed a motion with the military commission in the case of Canadian Omar Khadr and those of the men accused of plotting the 9-11 attacks.

BREAKING: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stops Bush’s last-minute regs. Emanuel signs a memorandum ordering all agencies and departments to stop all pending regulations until a legal and policy review can be conducted by the Obama administration.

So far so good, for us the anti-American American majority.

Good thing for us liberal whiners that we have SO much Bush Legacy still to chew on, or we might run out of things to whine about! Har. Remember when we used to debate stuff like education and rights for the disabled instead of ……….torture?

24 hours or so into a new administration and dammit, I have yet to find anything to Yell Louder about! A President of the United States…..is doing things I approve of! Weird.

Soon, perhaps, if things keep going so well, we can get down to some REAL criticism of Obama on substantive issues like this!

No Grateful Dead?


AP Releases Text of Bush’s “Desk” Letter to Obama!

Dude, Wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap:

Open Thread


A new thread has dawned.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning


Mixed Media

A song and a dance

words caressed

by the music

of memory

Colored pixels


a future

that never was


from an emotional place

words of pain and sorrow

of disappointment

of heartache

and also proclaiming

what can be

Graphics added

to set the mood

or perhaps


those words

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–May 28, 2008

Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy!

When last we chatted.

Slay bells ring, are you listenin’

In the air, snow is glistenin’

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland.

Santa Claus Rally.  Or maybe not so much.

12/2 Tuesday +270.00 8,419.09
12/3 Wednesday +172.60 8,591.69
12/4 Thursday -215.45 8,376.24
12/5 Friday +259.18 8,635.42
12/8 Monday +298.76 8,934.18
12/9 Tuesday -242.85 8,691.33
12/10 Wednesday +70.09 8,761.42
12/11 Thursday -196.33 8,565.09
12/12 Friday +64.59 8,629.68
12/15 Monday -65.16 8,564.53
12/16 Tuesday +359.61 8,924.14
12/17 Wednesday -99.80 8,824.34
12/18 Thursday -219.35 8,604.99
12/19 Friday -25.88 8,579.11
12/22 Monday -59.34 8,519.77
12/23 Tuesday -100.28 8,419.49
12/24 Wednesday +48.99 8,468.48
12/26 Friday +48.07 8,515.55
12/29 Monday -31.62 8,483.93
12/30 Tuesday +184.46 8,668.39
12/31 Wednesday +180.00 8,776.39
About as high as it gets 1/2 Friday +258.30 9,034.69
1/5 Monday -81,80 8,952.89
Almost as high 1/6 Tuesday +62.21 9,015.10
1/7 Wednesday -245.40 8,769.70
1/8 Thursday -27.24 8,742.46
1/9 Friday -143.28 8,599.18
1/12 Monday -125.21 8,473.97
1/13 Tuesday -25.41 8,448.68
1/14 Wednesday -240.42 8,200.14
1/15 Thursday +12.35 8,212.49
1/16 Friday +68.73 8,281.22
Boom. 1/20 Tuesday -332.13 7,949.09

Madam Zelda, Madam Zelda- Do The Markets Lie?

No, the markets are perfect and flawless indicators.

Late Night Karaoke

An 80’s, 90’s Blast From The Past

Candlebox – Far Behind

It’s time to hold everyone accountable

If you think that George W. Bush is the only person in the “hot seat” when it comes to torture, think again.  There are people in Congress who knew about it, who condoned it, who gave the Bush administration the “thumbs up”.

We need to hold them accountable as well.

I’m doing my part.  Below is the letter I sent to my state newspaper, among others…

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