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The Stars Hollow Gazette

After the big scare this might be an appropriate time for me to let everyone know I’m not planning on going anywhere.

I like DocuDharma, I like all you guys, and I enjoy our time together more than I can easily express.

I’m constantly bragging about you to my friends and relations who uniformly tell me that they much prefer the content of this site to any of the others I post at.

During the last few months I’ve been involved in some heavy lifting projects in other places and in real life also, so I haven’t been able to be as active as I would want.  These projects involve changes to my schedule which will take some getting used to, at least for me.

I want to thank you for your patients and tolerance and I’m hoping that conditions will soon stabilize so you can expect more regularity from my performance.

America’s West Bank (Edited and New Info.)

Why is the title of this America’s West Bank? (BIA tribal authorities say (Pauline Whitesinger’s traditional earth lodge) is illegal because Pauline has never signed any kind of agreements with the Feds in regards to the 1974 relocation law)

Pauline: Plans and schedules were important and are made in advance. However, such disruption that we had earlier are unexpected and those kinds of events take away the time delegated for priorities and goals. But here, at Big Mountain, we live with a lot of threats from the police and guns of the United States. And unfortunately, we just saw that this morning and you yourself have seen it personally.

Relocation Law, what Relocation


Yes, “Pauline Whitesinger, was served a notice to halt “new” construction of an earth lodge commonly known as a Hogan” is current.

Pony Party Political LOLs

Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please do not rec the party.


Protectionism: can it help us survive?

Original article, by Neil Faulkner, via Socialistworker.org (UK):

The economic crisis that swept the globe in 2008 provoked debate about whether individual states or trade blocs could insulate themselves from the international turmoil through “protectionist” economic measures.

How the U.S. Army’s Field Manual Codified Torture — and Still Does

Originally posted at AlterNet, and reposted here with additional links and some minor format changes

In early September 2006, the U.S. Department of Defense, reeling from at least a dozen investigations into detainee abuse by interrogators, released Directive 2310.01E. This directive was advertised as an overhaul and improvement on earlier detainee operations and included a newly rewritten Army Field Manual for Human Intelligence Collector Operations (FM-2-22-3). This guidebook for interrogators was meant to set a humane standard for U.S. interrogators worldwide, a standard that was respectful of the Geneva Conventions and other U.S. and international laws concerning treatment of prisoners.

While George W. Bush was signing a presidential directive allowing the CIA to conduct other, secret “enhanced interrogation techniques,” which may or may not have included waterboarding, the new AFM was sold to the public as a return to civilized norms, in regards to interrogation.

Two pictures worth a thousand words

Rikyrah at Jack and Jill Politics shares this beautiful photo juxtaposition.

From this:

Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With”

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