Rick Wagoner and Bush Disease

Each day brings us fresh evidence of the spread of Bush Disease, an irrational concentration of executive power in the hands of incompetents.

GM on Sunday expressed its support for Wagoner, who has been in the job since 2000.

“While we appreciate Senator Dodd’s efforts on behalf of the U.S. auto industry, the employees of General Motors, its dealers, its suppliers and its Board of Directors all support Rick Wagoner and are confident he is the person to lead GM through these difficult times,” GM spokesman Steve Harris said.

On Friday, GM board member Kathryn Marinello strongly defended Wagoner in an interview with The Detroit News. “He is the only person that can keep the automotive industry alive in America,” Marinello said.

Source: http://detnews.com/apps/pbcs.d…

Like Bush, the chairman of GM created a cult of leadership that aggrandized his power irrespective of his accomplishments. Rick Wagoner packed the board with his cronies, and now they refuse to remove him, despite the fact that his decisions to concentrate on building SUVs have effectively destroyed General Motors.

Wagoner intends to brazen this out and is effectively defying Congress to remove him. This will be a major test of the Obama administration. Will arrogant idiots continue to run American corporations into the ground – WITH TAXPAYER FUNDS? We shall soon know the answer.