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Sunday music retrospective: 1963, Part I

The year in smorgasbord I

The Beatles:  She Loves You


Uh Oh! I’m going to have to deal harshly with the King of Mud Sling, Karl Rove himself.

You see, these simple little discussions that Rove and Cheney and Bush and (enter your favorite Neo-Con here) are holding, while on their “Bush Legacy Tour:  He Was Really Good At Keeping America Safe” really need to be refuted.  Immediately.  Harshly.

So, BushCo kept the USA safe?  Well, except for that 9/11 thingy.  Oh and that anthrax thingy.  Oh, the disruption of cash flow into the average American citizens bank account.  Um, there was also that spying on Americans thing.  With a topping of torturing people.

I could go on, but you get the picture, right?  RIGHT?


Docudharma Times Sunday December 28

As 2008 Draws To A Close The

Wars Continue

Sunday’s Headlines:

Was 2008 the beginning of another Great Depression?

Pakistan remembers Bhutto as tension with India mounts

Winter offensive against the Taliban in Helmand leads to scores of British casualties

Stalin vies for top spot in ‘greatest Russian’ TV contest

Going down the EU Tube: Brussels videos shunned

Diplomats watch to see if Robert Mugabe dare go on holiday

Ghanaians vote for new president

In Basra, political skirmishing heats up as elections near

Car Bomb Near Baghdad Shrine Kills 24, as Iraqi Shiites’ Holiest Month Approaches

Cuba’s young revolutionaries fight for their art

Israelis Say Strikes Against Hamas Will Continue


Published: December 28, 2008

GAZA – Waves of Israeli airstrikes destroyed Hamas security facilities in Gaza on Saturday in a crushing response to the group’s rocket fire, killing more than 225 – the highest one-day toll in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in decades.

Israeli military officials said the airstrikes, which went on into the night, were the start of what could be days or even months of an effort to force Hamas to end its rocket barrages into southern Israel. The operation could include ground forces, a senior Israeli security official said.

Palestinian officials said that most of the dead were security officers for Hamas, including two senior commanders, and that at least 600 people had been wounded in the attacks.

Rupert Cornwell: Never have hopes been higher – and never has the job been tougher

On 20 January, Barack Obama will become President of the United States. His preparation has been faultless. Soon, we will learn if all the optimism is justified

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Barack Obama had it right. Postpone the first candidates’ debate, John McCain was urging last September at the height of the presidential campaign, as the White House convened an urgent summit on its bank bailout plan, a day or two before the two White House rivals were to lock horns at the University of Mississippi.

The financial collapse, McCain argued, rendered everything else superfluous. But the Democrat was unmoved: “It’s going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at a time.” Those words of Obama are contender for 2008’s understatement of the year. Never has an incoming President been confronted by as daunting an array of problems as the untried former Senator from Illinois.



Silver Lining of Subprime Slips Away in Calif. Suburb

By Karl Vick

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, December 28, 2008; Page A02

STOCKTON, Calif. — Venice Circle is a loop lined with taupe homes and green lawns, a clear sign that drivers have left the freeway south of town and entered Weston Ranch, a 21st-century Levittown. The subdivision sprang up in asparagus fields 80 miles east and a world away from the urban settings buyers were delighted to escape: gritty, violent east Oakland, and grittier, deadlier Richmond nearby.

This bedroom community is populated overwhelmingly by minority families, who were lifted by a wave of easy credit over the Altamont Pass and into dream homes.

On prosecuting Bush/Cheney et al. for war crimes

If you wish to repost this essay you can download a .txt file of the html here (right click and save). Permission granted.

Here's a comment that was sent to the petition that I liked:

 About two years ago I found a quote by Abraham Joshua Heschel that has haunted me ever since:

When considering cruelties committed in the name of a free society, some may be guilty, but all are responsible.

As much as Gerald Ford might still be lauded by some for “sparing the country the long national nightmare” of whatever proceedings might have been the fate of Richard Nixon, what happened in the Nixon administration was an in-house problem. What has been done in the name of the United States by President Bush and Vice President Cheney has worldwide consequences to our reputation and our future credibility.

When we went to war in contravention of world opinion in 2003, we became the rogue nation that the UN was created (with our co-operation) to deal with. We all know the only reason no one has dealt with us is not because our cause was just or because we were proven right, but only because we're the biggest dog on the block with all the teeth. Who is left that could challenge us?

Now the only chance we have to regain that credibility is to use the freedoms as a citizenry to be honest about what our leaders have done in our name. In my opinion it will haunt us for generations to come how we were so proud of our form of democracy -particularly of our Constitution – that we felt we were the one country qualified (if not obligated in the minds of President Bush and Vice President Cheney) to use the largest military force ever assembled to force it on Iraq – whether they asked for it or not.

It therefore seems perversely tragic that there are plausible allegations that our Constitution – the one we were so proud of – was betrayed in the effort. more below…

Quote for Discussion: Thy will be done

I was born into self-actualization, I knew exactly who I was, but I never got my chance to be young,

so when you lay me inside of a coffin, bury me on the side of the hill. That’s a good place to get some thinking done.

It didn’t work out the way that I planned it. They all seem to want to take it away, everything that I thought to be true,

so it’s obvious to me somebody, somewhere must have really done a number on you and I know because the fuckers got me too.

All the pretty horses, all flowers and trees, they will all mean less than nothing when it all has come to be.

God sent me a vision of the future in a dream on a Saturday night and I see no reason to celebrate,

for when I saw it I wept like a child. It came to me like a knife in the chest. You and me and everyone, forever, to ache and ache and ache.

So Father, if it’s possible, let this cup pass me by,

but if it can’t without my drinking it, then thy will be done.

-Titus Andronicus, “Upon Viewing Bruguel’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”

Late Night Karaoke

Disco For Ever

KC & The Sunshine Band – That’s the way I like it

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