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Holiday wishes to all

May your dreams come true.

A friend.


So why did oil drop so fast?

Not too long ago, I was paying $3.70 per gallon of gas.  Today, I am paying $1.40 per gallon of gas.  The price of petrol has dropped over half its price, and in only a few months.  

The big question is… why?

A short meditation on throwing shoes.

My roomie was crowing about the Iraq shoe thrower.

“I don’t wanna hear it” I said.


You Can’t have Power because we don’t

I happen to be exceptionally pissed off at humanity this evening.

I just clicked on a story about New England’s recent ice storm.  It is about how American used to pull together in the face of disasters.  Not no more.

*So, I’m driving in my car…

(*Absolutely NOTHING political lies in the verbs, nouns, adjectives and gerunds that make up this diary. This is purely, hopefully, potentially, a chuckle for chuckles sake.)

So, I’m driving in my car this afternoon (on the way to do a little holiday shopping for my wife) and I’m about to take a left turn onto a major thoroughfare.

Across the street… a car is about to make a right.

But since there are two lanes in the avenue we are joining, I’ll be able to merge into the left lane… the other car the right… allowing us both to do our intended business simultaneously and peacefully.


Damn those welfare queens..

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Am I talking about moms in mink coats driving Cadilacs and having babies for money?  Nope.  I’m talking about corporate welfare.  Here is a close up look at the handouts that have been going on in broad daylight; and most of the numbers are from the Clinton boom years, when there wasn’t even a pretense of an excuse.

Good Jobs First‘s list of these case studies include:

Biotechnology: This industry is regarded by many economic development officials as the key to local prosperity, and thus they are willing to shower subsidies on new projects.

Private prisons: Operators of for-profit correctional institutions not only receive lucrative operating contracts from government agencies, but they also get financial help to build new facilities.


Sunday Baloooooooooooze!

Blues In “G”

Three O’Clock Blues

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