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Late Night Karaoke

Talk As Long As You Like

Madness – Our House

When you put an idiot in charge

I know, you are wondering why I continually chose to write on Brad Warthan, VP and Editorial Page Editor at The State newspaper (the paper in my area).  Simply, to illustrate the thought process of those in charge of print in a GOP state — South Carolina — and, to provide comic relief, in a way.

So, here is more of what you get when you put an idiot in charge…

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Yeah, like the sappy Sound of Music gem, courtesy of YouTube’s novafussion:

See, the newly elected Obama crew have to move damned fast.  They have to think and make good decisions using good judgment, but they have to move fast.  They’ve been handed power, if they can take it and hold it.

Now me, I’m not a politician.  I don’t think I have to move with the same speed.

Lot of talk about Obama’s foreign policy team, about threats to our safety from intelligence reports.  Tonight was tree-lighting time in Rockefeller Center, cops in my subway this morning, on the street all day, security vibes much evident.

Remember the term “civil defense?”

Musical Interlude

Have you guys seen “Prop 8 – The Musical?” If not, I really hope you’ll take a look. I love Margaret Cho and Kathy Najimy. But Jack Black as Jesus????? You gotta see this!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Odetta Appreciation: a pony party

Odetta, an icon of great music, has passed away.  This is my tribute to her.…

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