You say Obama is a Muslim?

I really needed this!!

I believe I just hit on our next Texas Common Sense put to Good Writing and Humor, though my guess is he’s been around for a while, and that would be one John Kelso.

He carries the above Commentary subject title to his conclusion with I’ll call you a 3-watt bulb than adds In fact, in my Arab suit, some Texans might think I’m Barack Obama.

This isn’t long, most commentaries aren’t, but does get to the point as most do.

Do me a big swingin’ favor. If you’re one of the 23 percent of Texans who said Barack Obama is a Muslim in that poll, move to, say, Pennsylvania.

You’re making this state look stupid.

Go over and give John some love and traffic as he tells it like it is with:

This is unfortunate. We’re starting to make Mississippi look smart.

He’s got a few more zingers embeded.

Obama’s a Muslim, and I’m a Balinese supermodel. I can understand getting confused, though. As many doors as Obama’s been banging on to get elected, I’m surprised 23 percent of Texans don’t think Obama is a Jehovah’s Witness.

Like this, which he closes with:

On the other hand, I’m wondering now what percentage of Texans believe in the correlation between stepping on a sidewalk crack and breaking your mother’s back. It’s probably pretty high.