Spat upon by Hippies

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You probably think I mean the myth that real soldiers got “spat upon by hippies” don’t you?  Well, I was a semi-real soldier (or would that be a real, semi-soldier, since I was in the USAF) who was stationed in Northern California in the 70’s, and spent much time in the great hippie bastion of San Francisco where I was treated….well, I really wasn’t treated any particular way, generally I was either ignored or accepted after some conversation.  Like “Do you like the new Quicksilver Messenger Service album or something like that.  Hell I even stood in line on Thanksgiving ’76 around winterland with the longhairs waiting to get into the Last Waltz and we all shared what we had….

No, the guy that got spat on wasn’t a soldier for his country, he was a Soldier for Reagan.  Now he is governor Tim Pawlenty, but back in the day he “passed out brochures for him [Reagan], on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota and got spat on by hippies”

Yeah, no shit, this daring cultural warrior (student) was on the front lines of the St. Paul cultural struggles and found himself on the West Bank (no not that one, the one in Minn.) with hippies all around him as he campaigned for St. Ronnie the Gooper fount of wisdom and strength.  The dauntless Gov Pawlenty shared his story with the rest of the nations Gooper Govs and Morning Joe has the thrilling story of the courageous Gov here.

Now I don’t doubt for one minute that legions of “hippies” were still extant scrambling around the University of Minn during the time of Governor Reagan’s dash for history as he was carried by the millions of fresh-faced Tim Pawlentys struggling on though near drowned in hippie expectorations.  I just wonder how the hippies had any saliva left after all the putative spit that was laid on the real soldiers.  Maybe the passage of half a decade after the end of the war had revived them-or maybe we have another Joe the Plumber kind of guy in the Minn. state house.  Maybe he didn’t actually get spit upon.

This kind of shit makes me furious, a sissy prick like Tim Pawlenty trying to make a bullshit claim that he actually did something noble while he was getting his nearly free education-a process that is much less available now thanks to the goopers.  Pawlenty tries to hitch his star to a myth that forms the foundations of much of the current mental confusion that surrounds the wars.  The confusion is that we (the country, not the government, and primarily that means the republicans since Vietnam) treated our brothers and cousins and high school buddies badly when they returned from Vietnam.  I didn’t happen.  They were not given many parades and most of them I knew wanted nothing to do with any celebration of the fiasco they had just seen. That is to be expected, they were just kids coming home, bringing with them all the ills of war and warriors.  They came back with PTSD, they came back pissed at the war, they came back to the small towns in the midwest and introduced us to pot-thanks.  They came back and formed the Vietnam Veterans against the War and they brought back some of the coolest stereo equipment we had seen.  Over the years the stories changed, but those of us who were there remember that the most anti-war people around were those who had just had their noses rubbed in it.  We loved our brothers, we walked with them, we cried with them and we NEVER ever spat upon them.  Chickenhawks for Reagan, well…..

I never had much feeling about Tim Pawlenty before, but I detest him now.

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  1. When I tell all of my apocryphal stories about my past hippie life and the 60’s to people who weren’t there, at least I provide the intoxicants and a meal and some banter.

    The problem with these Republican stories is that they bs from a stage while they and their audience are entirely cold stone sober.  Don’t they know that nobody believes them?  Don’t they care?

    It’s like all of those people of a certain age who allegedly slept with Leslie Gore.  Don’t these republicans understand pop culture at all??

  2. We loved our brothers, we walked with them, we cried with them and we NEVER ever spat upon them.

    I was in a graduate class four years ago when the spitting on returning soldiers myth came up. The teacher encouraged students to discuss their reactions to the “incident”.  There was quite a lot of moral outrage and some defense made of spitting in protest.  When the discussion died down, I pointed out that it never happened.  I don’t think anyone believed me; the teacher, who claims to have been a hippie at heart in the day, certainly didn’t believe me.

    I’m PO’d that Tim Pawlenty, who I strongly suspect is an opportunistic liar, revamped this apocryphal story for his own political purposes.  The hippie legacy has taken enough of a beating already without one such as he keeping the lie alive.    

    • US Blues on November 13, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Please come visit me so I can make your story come true.

    Chickenshit motherfucker.

  3. So I really missed everything but the tail end of the hippie thing.

    I secretly alway thought the “spat upon” myth was another in a long line of myths such as “Reagan won the cold war” that the right used to fuel essentially made up grievances to justify hating the “liberal/feminist/ non white folk” cabal who have suddenly turned out to be really unfucking grateful to their benign and misunderstood white fathers who graciously bestowed upon them equality and other niceties.

    But what do I know?

    • Temmoku on November 14, 2008 at 12:57 am

    wait a minute, that was debunked years ago! So I was gonna tell you that you are full of……but that is not what you wrote. Yes, an Urban Legend, promoted bt Rambo and other “Draft Dodgers” like Stallone who made their fortunes playing soldiers but were too chickenshit to serve, kinda like the Present Administration of Bush/Cheney.

  4. Unless you interview every solder who came back from Vietnam this story Can Not be debunked.  Even if every published incident is investigated and proven false–that would still not “disprove” this “myth”.  Yeah, the R’s use this as proof that the hippies were Godless Commie Lovers, but that don’t mean it never happened.

    My best friend came back thru the S.F. airport in 1971 and He was spat upon and called Baby Burner.  You may not believe him, but that still doesn’t mean it never happened.  

    I do believe him–he was very drunk when he told this story and from the color of his face, and the look in his eyes, I could tell it’s truth (to forstall any violence I–quickly–changed the subject).  And, No, he’s not a wing-nut.

    Thanks for sharing your views NN.  Pawlenty’s a dipshit.

    • creeper on November 14, 2008 at 6:32 am

    My very special spouse tells me that upon his return from ‘Nam in 1968 his mother, in conversation, referred to “baby killers”.

    It’s hard to accept the idea that she was referring to him specifically.  He was a helicopter mechanic and, thus, not out blasting people every day.

    But the sentiment was definitely there and many war protesters made their feelings known.  Being “spat” on didn’t necessarily involve an act of expectoration.

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