November 5th’s Diary Today. What Do We Do Now?

Hey! Remember back when Obama was elected and the Democrats swept?

Well, that’s all in the past now. The future lies before us.

What say you? Let’s have the Dems-in-the-DC-Bubble set how that plays out.

Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, Blue Dogs, … who can doubt that the Dem Leadership is deeply on our side? Who could possibly be more vigorous in protecting the Constitution? In enacting the people’s will? In protecting the people’s interests?

I dunno. Unless it’s the people. ‘Cause come to think of it, the Dem Leadership ain’t been doing that, in the main. Yep, comes down to us people.

So, bearing in mind that “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree”; recognizing that this very day starts the shaping of our future government; how shall we immediately train the emerging government so it bears a beneficient fruit for the people?

Surely, “business-as-usual” among our Electeds has rendered our nation barren, bleak, and endangered. Whatever has been done in the past, can be done no longer. And chief among those things from the past is…

Well, first things first. Let me digress for a moment…

My problem with language. I want to call myself a “progressive.” But that sounds 1930s, 1880s, to my ear. Regressive. “Liberal” is okay too, except I wish not to be lumped in with the likes of Pelosi. “Left” puts me back in with ideologues. Something leftover from the French Revolution, and not really useful today.

I’m more just a person trying to be informed and contribute something good through my days. Which, I think, technically, you’d call “the Center.”

There’s my problem with language. Get rid of the labels of “liberal, progressive,left” and just present most every major issue, and 60-80% of the people go to the “left.” Well, calling that “left”….

Confucius said, “If things are not called by their true name, confusion will abound in the realm.” And he’s right. So, all you progressives, and liberals, and leftists, come home to our true name: The Mainstream.

Keep that in mind. Now, back to shaping this new government, in an immediate and profound way.

We find ourselves, as a nation, here:

• Can’t afford health care, but can afford billions a week on wars thousands of miles from our borders.

• Can’t create an actually beneficial educational system, but can make precision killing machines by the thousands.

• Can’t find known terrorists living in known areas, but can find out everything about every citizen.

• Can’t do business without bankrupting everyone, can get bonuses for doing so.

• Can’t foresee problems, can arrange to make big income from emergency responses.

It’s important we note immediately that we’ve got Pelosi/Hoyer/Reid and their ilk in power. These are business-as-usual people. Hell, these are “drop to your knees for the right price” people. A proven track record of being, shall we say, deficient, furthering the people’s rights and interests.

That’s not unusual. The Republicans have actually been worse by a large factor. But the entire political class is united on two themes: intervention worldwide; the sanctity of the monied interests. It’s few who disagree with this bipartisan agenda who can be elected in the first place.

Obama’s foreign and domestic advisers come right out of the heart of the Establishment. They, too, promote the hyped up threats of Russia and Iran. They, too, participated in engineering the fraud-masking-as-economy we now suffer. And for heaven’s sake, he’s asked Rahm Emmanuel! Rahm Fuck-the-People Emmanuel! to be his Chief of Staff,

Now, there are real debates amongst various factions in the Establishment. Should we bomb Iran now, since negotiation will never work; or should we bomb Iran later, after negotiations don’t work? Should we further degrade our currency by printing up money to give to the people? So they can pay their debts to banks. Or should we degrade the currency by printing up money to give directly to banks? Maybe some of both.

There’s the future those in the DC Bubble will give us if we let them.

Well, it’s Fall by the calendar, but Spring by the political cycle.

And today is where we start shaping our future. To me it looks like this:

Congress has its opening session around January 22, ’09. That’s Day 1. On Day 2 these are the laws and rules that get passed:

1) Only actual people who are citizens may contribute in any way whatsoever to a political campaign. Beginning the day the bill is signed.

2) Lobbying is defined as: a citizen(s) meeting with a member of Congress in either their DC or home office. No where else, no exceptions.

3) Congresspeople must read in it’s entirety every law proposed.

4) TV and radio corporations will accept no money for political advertising, and will be compelled to give a fixed and large amount of free time to political candidates, in a multiplicity of formats.

Here’s the deal on this: First, Congresscritters are either working for the people, or they are “on the take and on the make.” No two ways about it. Anyone wanting to play devil’s advocate, throwing around “free speech” and such, is simply advocating for the devil. Piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, while you’re at it.

It is impossible that getting riches from domestic and foreign entities has no influence on legislation. And unbelievable that those giving said riches aren’t, overtly or implicitly, trying to buy themselves bigger riches. And that at the people’s expense.

It is impossible for someone to be getting all these riches without getting the message “scratch my back…” At the very least these contributions are an invitation to corruption, even if such is not the intent. We cannot afford the risk of a corrupt officialdom, as the last years have proven.

And, anyway, in the real world, it’s usually meant as a bribe.

That’s really the only one of the four listed I’d focus on. The others are gravy, or there to sketch out the way we get to the practice of Democracy. More springboards than finished thoughts. You could drop them out of this essay and it wouldn’t change what I’m trying to communicate.

Allow me to emphasize this:

Before the new government begins operation, we should make the burning issue that every single Congressperson must answer, and answer clearly:

Senator, Representative:

Are you working for the People, or are you On the Take and On the Make?

Vote either with us, or against us, so that we may see you truly.

Should we, the vast majority of America’s Mainstream, decide to make this the issue everyone is talking about, the issue from which no one can hide, we can begin to repair and reestablish the best of America. But we must start today.

Whatever we do, we can’t relax now. Celebrating more than a day is indulgence of the most deadly sort. (Historians can tell you how many battles were lost because the initial winners, instead of driving to complete victory, went for the booze and plunder left behind.)

Now is the time to forge our future, to bend things in the direction we need to go.


[disclaimer: okay, I’ll rewrite it if Obama doesn’t win. The need remains. And that 80-90% of the public consistently polls that our government serves Corporations and not us remains as well.]

PS I might not be available for awhile to respond. Sorry about that. But go crazy!  

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  1. …rank 1 to 9…. But, is 1 the most urgent?  Or the least urgent?  As in the movie “10”, “10 was the most perfect, but without explanation, it might be the dog!

    Please Advise!

  2. but it bears repeating here:

    I read, I think at Big Orange, that an Obama presidency would maintain a site where citizens could voice their opinions about policy.  Don’t know whether that is true; but if it is, it’s a huge opportunity for our already fired-up & organized netroots to exert some influence.

    b/c although I like Obama, he wasn’t my first, or second, or third choice for the job: he’s simply too conservative imho.  He needs a real kick in the butt to discover his inner FDR, if y’know what I mean.  OTOH, at least he’s computer-savvy, unlike the incompetent opposition party.

  3. The separation of church and state must be made stronger. Any religious figure or religious organization that uses its position or resources to influence its members or any other people towards any particular political end should have its tax-exempt status with the IRS revoked, and their assets seized. Obviously, I am taking a slightly left-of-center position (tongue firmly in cheek), but I am not interested in any religious influence in our political life.

    Regarding the media I want a return to the Fairness Doctrine abolished by Reagan, and limits put in place on media conglomerates. I also believe there should be a mechanism for punishing any media organization, especially TV stations/networks or radio outlets who use the public airwaves, that knowingly promotes false-to-fact information. If you lie you lose your license. For example- if some winger gets on his radio show and says that Obama is a terrorist or a Muslim, the station loses their license. Nobody has the freedom to lie on my public airwaves- period, end of discussion.

    Oh yes, and prosecute the people responsible for the financial mess.

    Build windmills.

    Tax the rich.

    Salt the earth over the gop’s grave.

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