Greens Mobilize for Malik Rahim for Congress

Original article, via Ronald Hardy, via Green Party Watch:

Louisiana turned out one of the better showings for Cynthia McKinney on November 4, which may have been due to her embracing of the Reconstruction Platform and strong post-Katrina positions.

And surprisingly enough, Malik Rahim is involved in the election for district 2’s congressional seat on December 6th! Now, if you’re a ‘more and better Democrat’s type,’ you’ll hold your nose and vote for William “Cash in the Freezer” Jefferson. You’ll also hope that he gets kicked out prior to the next election, just as you did the last election. You can also vote for a Repug or a Libertarian.

Neeless to say, if it’s change you’re interested in and you’re not deluded by reaction, Malik Rahim represents a great chance for progressive change and to build the Green Party.

Malik Rahim is the living embodiment for post-Katrina reconstruction. In the days following Hurricane Katrina he founded the Common Ground Collective, a grassroots organization dedicated to bringing food, medicine and services to the people of New Orleans, supported by a grassroots network of donations and support. Malik Rahim was born and raised in New Orleans, and is dedicated to the people of New Orleans, including the hundreds of thousands of refugees who left the city and have yet to return.

Take a look at Malik’s website and decide if you think that he represents the change we all know needs to happen!

h/t to Green Left Infoasis!

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