Contrast: America

The Differance Is Amazing!!

If McCain Wins, Obama Supporters Predict . . .

At an Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio, ANP asked Obama supporters how they would feel if they wake up on November 5th to find that John McCain has won the election. Produced with Patricia Foulkrod, director of The Ground Truth.

If Obama Wins . . . Conservatives Panicked, Pessimistic

At a Halloween-day rally for John McCain in Columbus, Ohio, ANP asked McCain supporters a simple question: If Barack Obama is elected president, what will it say about America? One woman, who claims that Obama wants to change the flag and the national anthem, demonstrates the lasting power of a debunked anti-Obama chain e-mail. Produced in collaboration with Patricia Foulkrod, director of The Ground Truth.

Birmingham Foot Soldiers See New Movement

On the eve of the 2008 presidential election people in Birmingham are celebrating the historic presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama. For many of them a new movement is taking place as a result of the 60’s Civil Rights movement.

In Birmingham, Obama’s run is more than just politics

On the night before Tuesday’s historic presidential election, city leaders here summoned voters to the scene of one of the most appalling events of the civil rights movement.

From the pulpit of the 16th Street Baptist Church, where four young girls were killed in a 1963 bombing, speakers Monday night urged the mostly black crowd to make sure they vote.

It was a familiar appeal from a familiar venue.