November 23, 2008 archive

Tropic Monster

A little note for anyone who needs to see things a little differently.

Just turn your head upside down.

This is my last shot of the day.

I got my camera strap wet (I almost dunked the cam), getting as low as possible to the water for a reflection shot.

I couldnt really see in the dark.

The higher plants on the right are tall papyrus.

The weepy looking beauty is a cypress. There are two more smaller ones as you pan left.

The reflection is off of the water, in the salt water spa, located up in the rocks & water falls.

The deja-vu part works this way.

Look at the bottom half of the pic, with residual foam from the jacuzzi jets.

Step one is finished.

Now look at the top pic.

You just deja vu`ed it.



Eating Oregon: Will Walk For (Real) Food…

Saturday morning, November 22.  Jay awakes (and refers to himself in the third person) in his tiny apartment in an inner Southeast Portland neighborhood.  Showers, dresses…tries to leave but gets sucked into 30 minutes of college football pregame shows on ESPN…breaks free eventually and throws on a jacket and a hat.

Let’s take a walk to the Portland Farmers Market at PSU, shall we?

First though, we need coffee.  Stumptown of course, mmmm!


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The father is “appalled”. Well, so am I.

Here's a sign of the times that I am sure will become far more common than we can ever get comfortable with (but nonetheless surely will, no doubt to either of us):

Father appalled by virtual audience to son's death

I may come back and expand on this later tonight.

Then again, I may not.

I remember how I felt the night of the Columbine massacre, and how everyone but the rocks and stones was sure they knew exactly all there was to know about the inside of the two kids that drove so far off into the evil.

The “euphemizing” of America

Why do we so easily accept words and phrases that inaccurately, but perhaps more pleasantly, describe less-than-pleasant things or concepts or actions? While some euphemisms are relatively innocuous (water closet instead of toilet; passed away instead of died), many are far more insidious. Why has it been so easy for organizations such as the Pentagon and corporations to make up jargon to explain, or to explain away, their unethical, dishonest, greedy actions? I am sick to death of it, and the connection between Republican talking points and corporate talking points is like white on rice. Must be because the connection between Republican power and corporate power is equally inseparable.

When did this crap start? When did we begin to allow such dishonesty in our public discourse, and in our corporate-speak? Immanuel Kant said, “Honesty is better than any policy,” but we surely don’t seem to believe that, in either the political arena or the military-industrial complex.

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