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Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

State of the Onion XII

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Uncommon Wisdom

“Gender is ENTIRELY a social construct”

How easily is my existence denied

my experience dismissed

squashed like a bug

my motivations questioned

in front of everybody

How different are

testosterone and estrogen?

I know

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–March 7, 2006

The Stars Hollow Gazette

digby- Back to The Future

Bill Bennett just said that he thought the new president would have his biggest fights with Henry Waxman and said that he himself would side with the president. That’s very interesting and it tracks with my ongoing observation that village is airbrushing Bush out of history and the last eight years never happened. In fact, they are in the process of disappearing McCain too.

Christopher Hitchens said it directly last night on Larry King:

The Clinton era is over. That’s why we voted for Obama.


Actually I completely understand why Hitchens would want to pretend that’s true. After all, he has written some of the most embarrassing garbage it’s possible for any quasi sober person to write over the last eight years. If I were he, I’d want a mulligan too.

(Extended Hitchens quote- ek)

After all that, he’s back to clucking hysterically about the “immoral” Clintons just like every other Bush supporter and sophomoric media drone trying to make everyone forget how epically wrong they were during the past eight years.

Sorry, fellas, I don’t think we’re going to be able to let that happen. The political system may not be interested in accountability, so they will live to fight another day. But we do have memory — and they will never be able to get away with disappearing their criminal stupidity.

People forget.

Video and lyrics below the fold.

On Hope, via Hesiod…

Something to think about. From Hesiod’s Works and Days:

Turkey in Chief

Turkeys have played a propaganda role throughout the glorious Bush years.

Who of us could forget the time when Commander Guy flew unannounced to Iraq for a photo-op as he served plastic turkey to U.S. troops?

Pony Party

a good friend and i were discussing music & how you don’t really need a bunch of talent if you have good looks….the best hairstylists, make-up artists, choreographers, lyricists & songwriters will be provided for you. long gone are the days when talent was foremost….where a band was booo’d offstage because their sound was mostly engineered in the studio.

and that got me thinking about talent. there are those musically gifted and then there are those with the voices of angels.

those who train their voices for years in order to blend them seamlessly….

ensemble pleneta~ air on G string

Cheney, Gonzales indictment: poisoning the well

The blogosphere is again buzzing; this time it’s because Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales were finally indicted.  The problem is that this indictment has one purpose and one purpose only; to poison the well in case of future such indictments.

How do we know this?  That’s the easy part…

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